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modern living rooms

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Avant-Garde is an online retailer of modern contemporary home furniture & decor items feraturing household furniture for every room in your home, outdoor patio furniture and featured product collections.​​

We offer home furnishings and decor for every area of your home, both inside and out, always striving to bring you the most current design elements being used by today's top designers, at a fraction of their retail cost. Whether you are completely redecorating an area of your home, looking for the perfect accent piece to finish off an existing room, shopping for a unique gift, or simply "window shopping" to get design ideas, Avant-Garde is the place to go for everything for your modern & contemporary home. ​​

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Modern Contemporary times...

Avant-Garde Home Furnishings, LLC présents

Modern Contemporary times...

Today I am sharing with all of you everyday items and furniture in the modern-contemporary style of design.. These items somehow are unique and present us with a WOW effect once seen in anyones modern home.. as they are definitely stick out eye catching items..

Enjoy the pics and post.. 

Contemporary Discreet Home Fireplace with Corner 

Cladding, Forma 95 the Series by MCZ

Home furnishings suitable for a modern look and show the beauty of the structure. Fireplace for indoor needs are matched with a clear glass enclosure visible, neat and easy to clean because the door can be opened at an angle of 45 °. This is a collection of the MCZ to corner cladding equipment which can be designed for several rooms in the house. Form 1995 has a feature which supports the beauty and contemporary interior design. This product is available in RH / LH corner version, with the angle cladding made from polished Pietra Kanfanaro brushed aluminum and steel cutting-edge effects.
elegant-indoor fireplace with wooden wall alloy composition Klee

The MCZ collections which operate through natural convection use wood as the primary fuel. This type of closed fireplaces can cooperate with patented Air Comfort system, useful for enabling convey hot air as far as 8 meters. It comes with dimensions: width 1171 mm, height 670-975 mm, Depth 366 mm. there are several series in the Form 95 that can be customized to your liking. Guttuso cladding to the front cladding is made of stainless steel or polished stone Piasentina an antique. This is antic nice texture to the walls of the house that is under the stairs connecting.
VANGOGH modern modular cladding with classic elegant decor reliefs
While the series Klee, front cladding made of natural slate. While Gauguin has a hot texture of slate, with perfect diffusion of heat into the environment as a result of fire, ideal for an airy spacious room. Other than a collection of unique fireplace is Modigliani Forma 95, who has a 90 ° corner cladding for inside Puro 95, and 115 are made from polished Pietra Kanfanaro. Van Gogh cladding comes in a version of the maxi, midi and mini. Type of home furniture is manufactured MCZ warmers have relief decoration that is suitable for the impression of traditional and contemporary concepts. While Monet looks very elegant with sinus incision. This is large ceramic frame glowing like an ideal habitat for a dream house many people,
Modigliani corner home with brushed steel cladding, aluminum effect
modern concept of composition fireplace for extreme flexibility MONET
Guttuso Inox wood fireplace with polished stone settlement Piasentina
GAUGUIN technological brightness of stainless steel fireplace to express your personality

Unique and Eccentric Chair Design with Red Tongue, 

Paszcza by Wamhouse

Looking for unique and eccentric furniture? View Wamhouse then you will find a unique and very attractive chair. Introducing Paszcza chair there was featuring a sense of humor with an exclusive appearance ever. This chair has a natural organic form of the tongue with a modern frame in a circle and half circle at the top. A unique design that is perfect to complement the spacious modern rooms in your home. They present an eccentric decor with an exclusive appearance and make it more stylish decor. This unique chair comes in red on the tongue, black and white in the frame.
eccentric chair design with red tongue

The chair not only has a unique shape but also comfortable enough to use as a place to relax in your home. You can put Paszcza in the living room or bedroom to add style and enhance the interior decor. Apart from designing interiors, houses and furniture, the Wamhouse Company is also a manufacturer of original furniture for private and commercial interiors. They present a variety of amazing designs that are able to create a fresh new look in your home interior decoration. Visit Wamhouse soon for more information about this modern and stylish chair design.
modern unique chair Paszcza by Wamhouse
stylish comfortable chair with a modern frame
red tongue chair design by Wamhouse
chair design with an exclusive appearance
attractive chair design with unique shape
comfortable and eccentric tongue chair Paszcza

Fantastic Dent Coffee Table with Smart Geometric 

Hollow by Arketipo

Not just think about the geometric designs and different styles at designer Oki Sato makes his creative ideas. This is more than just a regular coffee table, which you can place anywhere for special purposes though. Part table consists of simple angle that does not have many curves, and are general. But it also has a part of the thinking that makes an impression of contemporary retro looks clear. This is seen on the corner of the table Dent made basin, and in it contains a minimalist drawer to put the book which you rest a moment, remote and stationery are needed immediately. Company Arketipo presented in our basin with ceramic vase that can be used separately from the desk.
white corner coffee table for home partition with multiuse drawers

Since beginning Arketipo always try to commitment to provide multifunctional products which have a maximum usage. This is part of modern lifestyle, is portable to medium-size coffee tables which were completed in a clean white color. The bottom of fantastic Dent could serve to put simple storage magazines, put the books that are usually scattered over your living room coffee table. Functional feature is the primary attraction for the couple who lived in a small apartment. Your guest room is usually adjacent to the lounge, so that smart coffee table can be as short partition to separate the two rooms with different functions. Visit Arketipo for detail information.
funny and stylist modern coffee table for living room
contemporary table with simple storage for apartment concept
feminine smart coffee table with geometric linear hollow
coffee table with portable ceramic vase for beauty living room decor

Modern Contemporary Items..

AG Home Goods 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Beware of Checks if you accept them.....

Avant-Garde Home Furnishings, LLC présents

Beware of Checks if you accept them.....

A story to make all of you merchants aware of the danger in accepting checks...

I am sharing with all of you today a story that is incredible to believe even for someone who is going through it as we speak.. A couple of weeks ago I started to receive checks for work orders coming in to my online webstore, I received a total of 7 work orders totaling 12,781.00 into the store..

I was happy as hell that many WO's and to a single customer it was going to be a good month after all.. Well that was then .. Fast forward two weeks later and the story changes.. All WO came in under PPN Holdings Limited, no problem there but under the scenes my assistant was talking to someone claiming to be Joelle Salgado, an old friend of mine using all his information and that he had started a new company by the name of PPN Holdings, Limited - Still no real red flag there but to me it would have been - You see Joelle Salgado was deported to Mexico back in March.. Yea he could have come back but still a case worth a red flag.. Well to make a long story short about a week ago I received a call from someone claiming to be from PPN Holdings wanting to know what this was.. By this I mean AG Home Goods and that they had placed no orders through this store and that they were in no way responsible for the payments already made, cleared, and used to purchase furniture already delivered to someone or Joel Salgado himself.. Who this mystery person is I have no idea! Is it the real Joel Salgado? I have no idea? Does he have furniture that is worth over 7,000 that is now a loss to this company? Yes he does.. and who looses out in the end myself of course for trusting that checks received, cleared and deposited by bank were legal and legitimate..

As the bank of PPN Holdings, Limited reversed all charges going through their bank so I was left with a bank account that was negative 7,200, reversed checks for fraud, and the attention focusing on me and my store.. All because my assistant innocently took these WO's over the phone, received the funds, I deposited them,. they cleared the account, and we purchased and delivered the goods, most of which we had in stock.

Although today we filed a police report, got some relief from the people at the station, we are still out the 7,200 dollars in furniture we have already purchased and shipped to this person who we have no idea who it is... and thank GOD the last two checks did not go through the account and the orders cancelled because that would have made it over 12,000 in purchases... we would now be looking at losses.. Its amazing.. when you look at it a check can be duplicated by anyone..

They sell the check paper at office depot, office max, and just about anywhere stationary is sold.. All people really need is your check, routing number, account number and a simple check copy has all the information they need to do anything they wish with your account.. I mean print as many as you want and simply use them to buy things.. By the time the other party reacts, God only knows how many things you have purchased.. and all those stores simply loose that money as the originating bank always gets their money back, as they report the fraudulent activity.. I wonder what happens to thew people who do this on purpose.. 

Anyone can order checks online to any account and there is no verification... or print your own checks at home..

What is to stop a legitimate business from ordering a bunch of stuff using pay by check, having it delivered to a location other then their address, and then calling the bank and saying it was not them.. and to please reverse all charges.. HUH, one has to wonder.. 

I am writing about this to see if something similar has happened to anyone out there and if it has please send me the info as I would love to compare notes and maybe find who did this because now instead of having a good month I am having a horrible month.. I have losses totaling almost 8,000 and I don't even know how I am going to make that up.. Needless to say, Avant-Garde (AG Home Goods) is no longer accepting checks for orders unless you want us to hold the money for a period of three months and then send you your order. And actually we don't even want to do that,.. I do apologize for all of you who have paid by check and have sent in legitimate business checks to our checking account

AG Home Goods 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

New brands at Avant-Garde Home Furnishings,

Avant-Garde Home Furnishings, LLC présents

New brands at Avant-Garde Home Furnishings, 
now DBA  AG Home Goods

With so many new items now listed on the AG Home Goods web store its a miracle I even have time to tell all of you this exciting news. AG Home Goods now carries over 3,000 separate SKU's or items in a wide range of products related to Home Decor and household furnishings..

But the best part is not the number of items but the increased selection in America's moist popular home decor and furniture brands.. 

The first brand and one that Avant-Garde has greatly expanded its selection is WMU, which has a variety of products all the way across the broad spectrum we now call home decor

WMU products Lines
  1. WMU coffee, end, and console Tables with accent furniture
  2. WMU Wine Racks
  3. WMU table decor
  4. WMU Mirrors and wall decor
  5. WMU candle holders, Sconeces, and Candles
  6. WMU Pots, Vases, Bottles, & Bookends
  7. WMU Fireplaces
  8. WMU table lamps and Wall Clocks
For a complete listing please visit the following link:



CC Home Furnishings

Avant-Garde has also expanded its offerings of CC Home Furnishings, which is one of America's favorite brand name furniture and now the category is subdivided into the following sections.

Cooper Classics Mirrors
Cooper Classics Table Decor
Cooper Classics Lighting
Cooper Classics (Accent Furniture) -  Coming Soon

Soon we will be adding the accent furniture line to complete that particular home decor line of products.. Please follow link to see all the products from CC Home Furnishings, especially the greatly expanded Modern Mirrors that this brand put out. They are absolutely amazing and are tailored for every occasion and decor preference.. 

CC Home Furnishings Modern Mirrors: 

 CC Home Furnishings Modern Lighting:

CC Home Furnishings Table Decor:



Of course our biggest selection of home decor and accent furniture still comes from Benzara, our biggest collection and product line. We feature most of the active products they currently have and add new ones every day. They represent the best home decor line in modern-contemporary products. We have broken them down into the following categories:
  1. Benzara Accent Furniture
  2. Benzara Lighting
  3. Benzara Metal Wall Art
  4. Benzara Mirrors
  5. Benzara Table Decor
  6. Benzara Pots, Planters, Vases




We have  brought IN A VERY SPECIAL LINE OF MEDIA CENTERS FOR OUR CUSTOMERS. They are known as the Furnitech Collection which comprises the nicest media entertainment units I ever saw.. They are absolutely amazing and they have three distinct collections..

Check them out at the below link:

Furnitech Abbiance Collection
Furnitech Regular collection
Furnitech ultra modern hand crafted collection


Avant-Garde has tried very hard to introduce new products and services since its inception. We no carry most home decor and furniture lines that are found in the United States. We hope all of you will visit and shop on our site..

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