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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Avant-Garde Home Furnishings, LLC présents

Modern things that are ok but nothing spectacular.. 

Today I am sharing with all of you things that are not spectacular BUT THINGS THAT ARWE COMMONLY USED but amazing in look and appearance. 

Enjoy the pic and post..

Not horrible ceiling lights

You know that certain type of spine-tingling horror that happens when you’re walking around a perfectly wonderful space only to have it ruined by looking up and seeing a terrible-looking ceiling light. Whether from it being too old and outdated to just plain ol’ boring, your flush-to-the-ceiling lighting needs don’t have to be neglected. (Or turned into a horror movie.)

2Modern has a delightful variety of ceiling lights that are modern and definitely not boring. So if you’ve got a small space, have to have something flush enough for a door to swing or just don’t like it when lights hang, here are six lights to check out:

American Made Credenzas

Go America! Go gorgeous modern credenzas that allow us to stylishly store our things! Want to add to your furniture collection but only wanna do it with something made in America? Here’s a list of eight U.S.-made credenzas, media units and other storage stations.

10 really cool LED light fixtures

Remember when LED lights looked terrible?!!? Or when they gave out a weird, cold robot-y sort of light? Sorry to burst your light bubble, but LED lights aren’t just cool…they’re totally mainstream. So along with getting all the great benefits of LED lighting (longer life, better energy efficiency, eco-friendly, to name only a few) you now get to choose from some pretty stellar and sleek modern LED designs. From names like Cerno, FLOS, VIBIA, Mio, Pablo and more, we’ve chosen ten of our favorites (but don’t just stick to this list; you can find all of our LED lighting options here) for inspiration:
  1. Fanimation Landan Ceiling Fan
  2. Cerno Forma LED Floor Lamp
  3. Mio Trask Desktop Lamp
  4. VIBIA Slim Single Pendant
  5. Cerno Silva LED Floor Lamp
  6. FLOS Kelvin LED Task Lamp
  7. Marset Ledtube Wall Lamp
  8. Pablo Pixo Task Lamp
  9. VIBIA Alpha Square Sconce
  10. Cerno Levis LED Pendant Light

Modern Fireplace ideas...

Mmmm. Do you feel that? It’s a slight chill…a small breeze taking shape in the air. It’s the undeniable proof that colder winter months are on their way. That part of the earth and its inhabitants will soon be thrust into a time of reflection, hibernation and snuggly-ness. The perfect modern accessory for that sort of weather and those sorts of activities? Why a beautiful, modern fireplace and mantel, of course.

If you’ve been looking for some ideas to borrow that are truly unique, modern and unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, you might be looking for Berthold Haas’ work. The Austin-based craftsman doesn’t just build fireplaces — he’s got countertops, fountains and more under his belt — but it’s his fireplaces that have us so tickled with inspiration right now. Obviously it would take someone with his skill to create and craft fireplaces this good-looking (and any Texas residents or designers should probably give him a call) but we’re hoping these photos give you some ideas of what kind of things there are out there.

Even if you don’t have the money or time to renovate your whole house, modernizing a focal point like a fireplace could really anchor a space’s style and do a lot for someone wanting to live in a more modern space. See more of his work (of all sorts of things) on his online portfolio.

Wall lighting by Sally:

From the manufacturer: “Our stunning powder coated metal wall light is an exquisite piece of wall art which flaunts a stylised modern magnolia lamp for soft mood lighting. Evocative of stained glass windows, its floral symmetry adds dramatic and sculptural impact to a feature wall, even unlit. Flick the switch to add an ambient glow and stunning shadows to an alcove for intimate dining or above an occasional table to lowlight your favourite pieces.” Find more information on the manufacturer’s website.

Many modern items,

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

All things bathrooms...

Avant-Garde Home Furnishings, LLC présents

All things Bathrooms.. 

Today we will be discussing modern bathrooms and the newly arrived items to make our bathrooms shine and stick out among the rest of our neighbors and friends..  We all agree a bathroom should be extra comfortable but how about beautiful, relaxing, nd unique, three must haves in any bathroom design if you go by my standards..

Enjoy the pics and post..


Break out the scales and mirrors. Summer is just around the corner, which means miniskirts, shorts and swimwear. Squeeze back into your favorite warm weather gear by eating healthfully and exercising more.

Stand in front of a mirror like the Harris Stand Alone Mirror By Doimo to realistically evaluate your summer wardrobe. Just because the zipper pulls up doesn’t mean it fits. The Center for Disease Control recommends at least 10 minutes of vigorous exercise a day for adults and eating more fruits and vegetables. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water

Stone Vessels Making the Bathroom Sinks Truly Special


Inca Stone Vessel By Art-Bathe is a multi-faceted, well crafted vessel that will give your stylish bathroom furniture a very different feel to it. It is made of individual marble pieces, making the product truly special to its owner. Art-Bathe are masters in the spa-fittings and bathroom furniture space with all their products being of very high quality. Made of mosaic marble this vessel looks like an ancient masterpiece. It is a good blend of modern and contemporary styles which will fit into most bathroom decors. Another feature in its design is its size which makes it very convenient to use it as a Italian bathroom sinks.

Elegant Bathroom Line Towers

Modern Jackie Line Tower By Art-Bathe

 Contemporary Dinara Line Tower By Art-Bathe

Jackie Line Tower By Art-Bathe is a classy product with a contemporary design. It is a very useful product to have in a bathroom as it is spacious but extremely compact. The manufacturers Art-Bathe deliver high quality contemporary bathroom furniture, designed by their very own team of highly skilled personnel. On other hand the Dinara Line Tower By Art-Bathe is a connoisseur’s delight! It is a unique blend of style and convenience. Standing tall, both this products from the house of Art-Bathe is truly spellbinding! And both are reasonably priced making it an economical buy! So come and get yourself this beautifully crafted modern furniture.

Attractive Bathroom Vanity and Mirror Cabinets


ARCHEDA 6 Vanity and Mirror cabinet Includes modern bathroom vanities element w41.5″ + Towel – Rack handle, Integrated ceramic sink W 43.5, Mirror cabinet with 110V light. Gearcryl –  A  plastic material but a solid compound of natural mineral but a solid compound of natural mineral particles and high quality bonding polymers.  The film that coats surfaces provides excellent chemical and physical resistance over the years. Contemporary bathroom furniture shiny surface makes it elegant and attractive to touch, in a similar way to ceramic material.

Turn your Ordinary Shower into a Home Spa

With features like a hand held shower, adjustable body massage sprays,large top designer shower head and columns individual water controls, DreamLine shower panel turns your ordinary shower into a home spa. Add other elements of design like shelves, mirrors and accessory compartments,and your shower not only gets a beauty facelift but also becomes more functional. Installation is easy with only a hot and cold water connect and fast mounting on wall-attached brackets. Choose from models made of aluminum, acrylic or stone and a variety of contemporary bathroom options for the right solution for your shower.


Astonishing Bathroom Circo Shower Enclosures


Pioneer a regal touch in your bathroom with these astonishing bathroom modern shower enclosures. Circo shower enclosures share the same basic lineage. All of these shower enclosures are made of tempered safety glass combined with anodized aluminum profiles. And available in a variety of sizes,shapes and finishes these shower enclosures are designed for installation against finished acrylic or tiled walls. Add a simple shower head or an advanced DreamLine Shower Column to your contemporary bathroom furniture and create the Bathroom of Your Dreams with DreamLine shower enclosures.

Classic Collection Bathroom Vanity with Double Sink Option


Classic collection enzo quality bathroom vanity cabinets are available in different styles and colors. Combining beauty with function,they would fit any bathroom design. From compact single sink model, to a double sink option with incredible storage space- all of this vanity come with fully assembled modular cabinet and marble countertops with backsplashes. An expansive quartz countertop supports two surface mounted porcelain vessels. This is modern furniture with the elegance and calm of Scandinavia and the solidity of German functionalism.

Continental an Imposing Piece of Bathroom Furniture


Stylish and designer bathroom furniture and glass countertop with two undermount glass vessel sinks make the Continental an imposing piece of furniture for the larger bathroom. Featuring a beige quartz countertop that complements any bathroom palette with ease,and two,soft-white,under-mounted porcelain sinks engaged in a harmonious dance with the impenetrable nature of quartz. An Art/Deco inspired facia – sixty three inches of three tiered Americana – buy bathroom vanities a majestic, architectural scope.

Hope you enjoy

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