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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Featured Designer & Trend Setter: Mario Morales

Featured Designer.. Trend Setter
Mario Morales

Mario Morales, Formerly of Mario & Marielena the multi talented and high demand designer has been designing textiles, bedding, accessories, drapery’s and furniture for the high-end interior and hospitality design community since 1994. His high energy, spirits and passion for his work make him stick out among the many choices of designers and firms available in today’s high demand, quick turn around market. Currently focusing all his energy on his new start-up Company, Mario Morales Boutique Hospitality Designs, which anyone who personally knows Mario can attest that it will be a huge success sooner then later as his energy, drive, and Spirit are well noticed the minute anyone begins to interact with him and his passion for the new company is clearly evident. His history and determination for success will make this new company the powerhouse he made Mario & Marielena. 

Some Examples of Mario's Amazing Work in the hospitality Industry... 

Mario Morales Boutique Hospitality Designs (MMBHD) began with a single vision from a talented and creative individual who was not only tired of the same old fashion approach coming out of the majority of the firms in today’s market but his personal goal to provide the finest room designs, residential and commercial textiles, bedding products and furniture to the Hospitality market in North America, combined with high degrees of interaction between client and firm and with un-paralled customer service, both things which seem to be lacking from most design firms these days.. More and more corporate structured and run, with little interaction between the firms and their respective clients, Mario aim is to change all of that and be readily available whenever a client calls no matter how big or small the job. MMBHD has lofty goals and aspirations and aims to expand and impact markets in Latin American and the Caribbean.

Today, with its main offices in Nashville, Mario Morales Boutique Hospitality Designs' workforce has expanded across the United States to Miami and San Francisco. Our Founder, Head Designer and Principal, Mario Morales, along with his very talented staff and associates, a list of individuals Mario has come to rely on over the years have the experience and historical backing through his long list of completed projects to bring Room Design, Bedding Design and Furniture to the Hospitality industry, becoming the ultimate one-stop shop for the professional interior designer, hospitality property owner and purchasing company wanting that extra push required to stick out in today’s high demand, highly competitive market.
Mario Morales Boutique Hospitality Designs manufactures and markets top-of-the-line furniture at a reasonable price. Crafted (MADE / BUILT) in the United States, with the finest attention to American craftsmanship and design talents.

Modern contemporary style of design using impact colors but notice rather then use Lime Green Mario uses Olive and his favorites are Hunter Green and Deep Maroon red, going outside the box as everyone in the industry uses the same candid apple red and Lime colors.. 

His designs are not only trend-setting but cutting edge and always have a spark to them causing instant fanfare in all design circles.. Designers watch and Listen when Mario releases new designs and completes projects, and with customer satisfaction being his number one priority, he gives his personal attention and complete dedication to all his projects whether a luxury hotel project or a simple room for a friend or family member.. 
This guy puts his heart, energy, and soul into every project he does and designs.. He is a workaholic mangling two phones, two iPads, two computers, and always seems to be doing something.. 

More stunning examples of Mario's Work in the Hospitality Industry...

Whenever anyone hears success is easy and not hard has never seen someone like Mario work, constantly wanting to better himself and learn yet, he is still humble enough to ask and seek the advice of all of those around him, treating everyone with importance and the respect they deserve. He gives everything and expects the people around him to perform but is the first to reward or say thank you or great job, once that happens. A genuine individual who left an impact on myself the first time I had the pleasure of meeting him.. 

Now many of you may think I have known him for 20 years yet its been less then a months and in that time I have seen a genuine caring individual deserving of everything he has which he has accomplished through hard work and dedication. I admire him and value our friendship as he is truly an individual who knows the value and payoff in hard work and passion in your job.. 

Mario Morales Boutique Hospitality Designs and  delivers fashion, sophistication and a unique lifestyle. Our goal is to provide 100% durability, design uniqueness and branding, cost effective proposals and projects, and high degrees of trendy styles  for the commercial hospitality environment. We build relationships that last with our attention to service, delivery and design and of course our goal of 100% customer satisfaction through interaction and communication.

Mario Morales founder and previous owner of Mario & Marielena, brings more than 20 years of high end interior designer resource experience in the textiles, bedding, accessories, drapery and furniture business. He successfully continuously provides the design trade with innovation and cutting edge design and new and invigorating trend setting designs.  
What makes them so Unique… Easy! They are unique among design firms in that we have a high degree of Collaboration between our client and the designer, to then blend fashion with quality materials and alluring design to create a finished product that was unique and original that both designer and client are satisfied.

More examples of Mario's stunning work...

More traditional decor and modern furniture design... 

The designs shown above will bring life and uniqueness to any modern contemporary home. Designs that are original unique and impact full very well describe the designs created by Mario Morales, truly a talented Individual... 

Our standard service includes textile assistance, dimensional changes, creative modifications, all in an effort to create a finished product that is exactly what our client needs and gives them a feeling of complete satisfaction, which is our number one goal with any project. We also aim to make every particular project shine and stick out among the many redesign projects occurring in todays very intensely competitive hospitality industry
Our design influences, techniques, and look range from contemporary to traditional, and as a firm are not afraid to tackle complicated demands, logistics, or the challenges of any design style available today or even create a new style as unique as our clients themselves. We strongly believe good materials, good craftsmanship and good design, with high degrees of collaboration and communication with our clients will ensure a finished product that is both unique, spectacular, and sticks out among others which in turn will generate new business for our clients.

We are in the business of creating a complete package, starting with the design aspect and ending with a unique product that will generate new business opportunities for our clients in the Hospitality industry where simple things that are not present in their competitors can make them shine among the thousands of choices consumers can make. We have a strong conviction to customer service and our goal is to achieve complete satisfaction and we accomplish this by combining good customer relations & services, good business practices and affordable and very competitive prices, combined with logistical and creative support for every Project that comes through our doors. This should make us your number one choice.
In conclusion Mario has had a long and detailed history one filled with shining examples of his work, that clearly shows his dedication to the design industry. His continued work in the industry and production of several trend setting design ideas have proven that not only does this guy have what it takes but it makes him and his new company one to look out after and watch and possibly even follow because where they go, most likely everyone else will likely follow.. 

His new firm does their work in the following steps.. 

Design assistance and collaboration
Design concepts storyboards
Guest room renderings
Material Coordination

Planning and Execution coordinator
Dedicated Client-Project manger

Concepts to Execution

Should any of you want to personally contact Mario, please follow the link found below to his contact form on his website.. 

or visit his website @

Hope all of you enjoyed learning about one of the most talented designers in today's highly competitive interior design business... 

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Bedroom, Bedroom, and more Bedrooms

Bedroom, Bedroom, and more Bedrooms..

Today I am sharing everything you will need to know when redesigning or getting into a brand new bedroom project. From the proper design style to the right bed, to the right headboard, wall coverings, proper layout and of course your children's rooms as well..I also included a piece on alarm clocks and using your room as a multifunctional room..  Hope you enjoy the post...

Enjoy the pics and post...

Contemporary Beds...

The bed is always the focal point in a contemporary-style bedroom so proper positioning is everything! While a minimalistic platform bed was once only available in a few styles, today you can find them in a wide variety of colors, some open underneath, others closed off. They typically do not have a headboard but if there is one, it’s usually quite basic.
So, with how simple these platform beds are, how do they demand so much attention? It’s all about the position in the room! A bed in a contemporary room can be placed in the room’s center but most people find they appreciate the security of a wall behind them. When placed against a wall, it should be a large solid one that can house a nice piece of art. It really should never be positioned under a window or in direct line with the door and you absolutely do not want to have a bed under a beam. It is suggested that the weight of a beam overhead can cause headaches and disrupt sleep patterns.
Draw More Attention
If you really want to zoom in on the bed, turn tall dressers or shelving so they are positioned kiddie corner, this allows them to be on an angle facing the bed. As a last tip, contemporary styling is minimalist but it is all about balance so if you have a lot of sharp lines including your bed, dresser, television, etc., consider adding a round nightstand, piece of art, rug or even a bean bag chair to bring an equal balance to the room.

The Proper Headboard...

The proper headboard in a bedroom is like a fireplace mantel in the living room, they both create a focal point. Any properly decorated room will provide a fabulous area for the eyes to come to rest. Choosing the right headboard for your room is suggested to draw positive energy inward to help with quality sleep. Not to mention, they just look great!
  • Creativity – For a real attention-grabber, stay clear of traditional flat panel headboards. There are incredibly unique and artistic pieces available today in wave, oval or many other shapes to bring a little creativity to the space.
  • Material – You will find that most headboards are made from wood or metal (two important Feng Shui elements) however, that doesn’t mean you have to over look wicker, bamboo, quilting or you can even make one with a large canvas covered with fabric.
  • Surroundings – Traditionally, the decor of your room is going to dictate the headboard you choose. Just because you love that contemporary black, curved headboard does not mean it will compliment your Victorian or country cottage room. Theme and color must both be taken into consideration.
Headboards provide you with a more secure feeling while you sleep, according to Taoist beliefs. It is also suggested to not hang or drop clothes from them as they are essentially pieces of art. After all, you wouldn’t hang a towel over a canvas in your living room would you?

Your Room as a multi-function room..

Sometimes we want our bedroom to be more than just a place to sleep. If we are multi task oriented, we desire to complete all our daily tasks before leaving the bedroom, and hence we can even convert it into a multi- purpose room.”

The right wall coverings...

Wallpapers have been getting a bad rap in the modern interior design world lately. Paint seems to be all the rage, while wallpapers are relegated to “older” styles. But that’s not necessarily the case.
Your bedroom could benefit from a fresh layer of wallpaper, if you’re looking for a way to bring some life to your walls.
The patterns of modern wallpaper simply can’t be matched by an understated, simple coat of paint.
For instance, the wallpaper in the image above features tasteful and delicate bare trees with birds interspersed throughout the branches. The rich brown background and gilded gold trees is simply stunning, and adds a lot of depth and detail to the walls, which would otherwise likely be a flat brown.
You can also use wallpaper in a more minimal sense. By using wallpaper on only one wall of your bedroom, you can incorporate a much bolder pattern and draw the focus of the eye towards the accent space. If you do choose a bold pattern, just be sure it isn’t completely overwhelming.
As your bed will likely be the centerpiece of your bedroom, you want to be sure that the wallpaper doesn’t detract from the bed or other furniture, but instead it should compliment the contents of the room.
Wallpaper will likely make a comeback in 2011, so if you want to get ahead of the curve, go ahead and experiment with some bright, bold and beautiful wallpaper today.

three stylish alarm clocks that will replace your smartphone....

If you’re anything like us here in the Padstyle office, you fall into the “convenience trap” of using your smartphone to wake yourself up every morning. Now, we’re not saying that smartphones aren’t stylish, just that they maybe don’t belong at your bedside when you have other options.
We’ve gathered three stunning, modern alarm clocks that will hopefully serve as inspiration for a little bedside 
redecorating. Without further ado, three stylish alarm clocks that will replace your smartphone:

Sleek. Black. Sophisticated. This minimalist alarm clock is any modern bedroom’s dream. The Sonoro Cubo Elements alarm clock features lots of little extras in addition to its bold style, like an iPod recharging dock, great speakers, and internet radio capabilities. But aside from all that, we really just love its black lacquered, high gloss finish and brushed stainless steel accents.

Image credit: Mobile Whack

This Jacob Jensen alarm clock is compact and stylish. The extra large chrome buttons that flank the flat LCD screen really make the clock pop. It features a 24 hour clock and a sophisticated beep alarm.

Image credit: Studio Design Collection

If you’re looking for a little retro-mod for the bedroom, look no further, This cute clock is the perfect accent piece. It features a smart white front plate, birch construction, and a prominent starburst front-facing speaker. Mornings don’t get funkier than this!

Image credit: BedZine

Your Children's Rooms...

It can be tough to strike a balance when it comes to your children’s rooms. On one hand, you want them to be happy – on the other, you’ve got to remember that they’ll outgrow their obsession with nailing posters into the wall but your walls might not so easily recover.
When redecorating your children’s rooms, you can maintain the overall modern look of your home while giving them the colors, vibrancy and fun they’re looking for.
Things to keep in mind:
  • Safety. Whether your child is five or fifteen, you can’t have too many potentially breakable items in their room, or you might end up with more of a mess than a redecoration on your hands
  • Storage. Kids have toys, books, CDs and loads of other things they tend to hoard in their room. While their closet is a good space for this, you might want to think about extra storage under the bed or by installing hooks in the wall.
  • Comfort. Although your children might want black walls or a small but stylish desk, you’ve got to remember that they’ll be using the room to play with friends, study and sleep.
  • Style. The big one for all of us interior aficionados. Any color scheme can be incorporated into your children’s rooms, but be sure that it is something they won’t grow out of within a year or two. And you can minimize costs while maintaining style if you renovate only the linens, bedspread, curtains and the like – keep the basics (the bed, the desk) as they are, and just dress them up!
If you can balance your desire for a modern home with some (but not all!) of the requests your children make of you, you’ll have a versatile, pleasing child’s bedroom that they will hopefully love for years to come – saving you on having to do another redecoration a year down the road!

All you need to know about bedrooms by:

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Monday, January 30, 2012

Ideas, Ideas, & more Ideas...

Ideas Ideas Ideas...

Today I am sharing with all of you ideas on decor, decorating tactics, and some tips while using certain materials in your home decor.. I will share secrets on mettalics, fireplaces, portable fireplaces, and the secret to decorating changes using just your area rugs.. They can change the appearance of an entire room.. 

Enjoy the pics and Post... 


Metallics have been a favorite in modern interior design for a few years, and that’s not likely to change in the near future. They have a certain edge that adds attitude and sophistication simultaneously. Metallics come in many forms, and they can be overdone if you don’t know what you’re doing. So we’re here to help!

As with any new interior accent, you should start small if you haven’t done metallics before.

Try changing some of your hardware first – this will be subtle and almost never is overpowering. The kitchen and bathroom are the most likely places that you’ll see metallics in any room, so why not upgrade your cabinet handles and even some kitchen appliances to stunning chrome or silver?
From here, you can branch out if you like the look of the metallics you’ve incorporated thus far.

Candleholders are a favorite here at the Padstyle office. If you add a few metallic candleholders to your dining room table, they’ll stun guests the next time they’re lit. The bouncing flame reflecting off the mirrored metallic surface is a sight to be seen. When choosing the type of metallic candleholder, keep candle color in mind: cool candles like blue and green should be paired with silver or chrome holders, and warm candles like red or orange look best with gold or bronze. White candles look great with anything.
Metallic vases are also another accent piece you could consider. They come in all shapes and sizes, from tabletop vases for a single flower to floor vases.

Successfully decorating with metallics just takes a little creativity and a willingness to experiment.


Nearly everyone is well aware of the many benefits provide by a dancing flame. The warmth of a fire is comforting on a cold day and the visual beauty and crackling sound creates ambiance unlike anything else. Anyone, can have a fireplace, why not make yours extraordinary?

While you may assume the concept of a hanging fireplace is relatively new thanks to contemporary designers, it’s not! In fact, the Gyrofocus that is featured was created by the Focus company in 1968, that’s long before these unique, functional pieces of art became so desirable.

The Gyrofocus is an international classic and is now the brand’s symbol. Although Focus creates an entire collection of these stunning pieces, the Gyrofocus remains a popular choice, even through all of these years. The fireplace is made from thick, exquisite-looking steel and the entire piece rotates a full 360 degrees so you can direct heat to any area of the room.

About Focus

Dominique Imbert crafted his first fireplace for personal use all those years ago in a small studio. The brand Focus is derived from the Latin word meaning hearth. In 1972, only two of his fireplaces were sold but today, this international business has orders for at least 3,500 of these spectacular fireplaces every year.

Not every room is suitable for the Gyrofocus. You need a large space, a tall ceiling and a strong beam as it weighs 213 pounds. If you have more space than you know what to do with and you can’t seem to create a focal point without it getting lost, the Gyrofocus will do the trick! You can view the entire Focus collection at

Experiment with Rugs...

More and more people are choosing wood, composite, marble, tile, etc., for their homes instead of carpet which means that rugs are becoming more popular than ever. Of course, those who have carpet also enjoy adding rugs to save the carpet from wear and tear, add style and even cover stains. Some individuals have no problem just going into a store and picking up a few rugs but if you’re investing in a large expensive area rug, you may want to put a little thought into your decision.

Play with Your Furniture

Your furniture will play a role in determining not only the size and style of the rug but the placement as well. If you are someone who moves around your furniture from time to time, you will need to imagine all scenarios and if your rug will accommodate your creativity. Don’t be afraid to get out your measuring tape to measure the space, this may also help you determine if you want a square, rectangular or round rug.

Explore Your Options

Rugs should ultimately compliment your decor however, in a simplistic or contemporary room, they can quickly become a focal point if you want to add in a bright color or pattern. If you are looking for a rug to place under your dining room table, be sure that it’s large enough for all chairs to fit on it, there is nothing worse than sitting on an uneven chair that’s half on and half off a rug.

Runners are great for entryways, hallways and stairs while floor mats made from bamboo, rattan, sisal or any other natural material will add just the right amount of texture to your flooring.


Don’t be afraid to combine several rugs in one room that don’t necessarily exactly match. This is a good way to break up a large space or studio apartment, giving each area its own identity. You may also want to layer rugs if you start feeling really creative.

Round Rugs...

The rug has been a part of interior design for generations, and it’s usually a safe bet for bringing any room together. But you don’t want to just be “safe” with your design, do you?

Rectangular rugs are safe, no doubt about it. There are some stunning ones available, featuring florals, geometric patterns, swirls, colors… A rectangular rug will always fit your room, so there’s no worrying about positioning or spacing. It’s a natural fit. Not so the circular rug.

A circular rug needs coaxing to look great, but if you get the sweet spot with positioning, color, pattern and texture, it will make your room pop.

Circle rugs are great for small spaces, as they open up a room. If the rug you choose is a bolder color than the colors around it, it will draw the eye inward, away from the walls, and make the space appear larger than it is.

Circles have no edges, no boundaries. They represent infinity, and when incorporated into a space, this sensation of never-ending form will permeate the atmosphere.
Think about adding a circular rug underneath a sofa to pull it, visually, away from the wall and move it towards the center of the room. Or, you can add a circular rug to the center of a room for a great, eye-catching symmetry.

The possibilities are as endless as the edge of a circle.

A Portable Fireplace...

While everyone can certainly benefit from the soothing and warming properties that a dancing flame provides, there aren’t many portable gel fireplaces that will fit in every budget. Fortunately, the Oasis Table Top Fireplace does! The design of this piece is like a dream come true, it’s contemporary, elegant and can complement any decor! Not to mention, it is the perfect size to take out on a small balcony, patio or you can simply enjoy it inside of your home. This fireplace is really lightweight so when it says portable, it means portable!

This stylish piece is stainless steel and comes with gorgeous white river stones but if these don’t match your décor, you can replace them if you choose with other colored fire glass, seashells or anything else nonflammable. It uses either pourable gel fuel or gel fuel canisters which are completely environmentally-friendly so you never have to be concerned with polluting the air outside or in your home. Nor do you have to be bothered with cleaning up the mess that burning wood would leave behind.

The Oasis Tabletop Gel Fireplace will provide you with warmth, ambiance and even when it’s not burning, it is still a stunning piece of art. You can find this fireplace at The Soothing Company at a great price!

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