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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Considering myself a lucky person..

Considering myself a lucky person..

I tend to consider myself a very lucky person.. You know I have a great company, great friends, and a bunch of places that are beyond excellent to hang out at. I hang out with a great group of guys and girls that really make all the difference in a city like Miami where people are not always looking out for your best interests but their own....

Believe me I have had my share of those types of people but it seems lately I have come to know a group of people that are not only fun and entertaining but we all tend to be on the same page when it comes to friendships, fun, and life in general as a rule. We all believe in respect, fun, and just live life one day at a time, but with enough restraint as to not mess yourself up.. The word restraint is one which many people in this city should learn.. Sometimes it seems that we are the only ones that show such a thing and we tend to be isolated but happy in our own world...

My best friends apartment

We are the ones always laughing, smiling, and just having fun.. we are the ones that go out to ENJOY THE MUSIC..... THATS THE KEY..

All of us are blessed to have nice places, good jobs, and in the end we have mitigated toward each other because we are all tired of the crap Miami sometimes has to offer.. This group is very pure of heart and in the end the perfect friends giving when they can and sometimes receiving when needed.. Its a great vibe and feeling to know your with a group of people you can trust and be yourself with...

My Place of Business

I love where I work..surrounded by lush tropical gardens everyday.. It's simply relaxing and very comfortable to be here everyday of the week and enjoying oneself... 

Another good friends apartment and someone who is not only a beautiful person on the outside and inside but one that seems completely pure of heart and a great friend..

Beautiful Sunrise This morning

Liberty Tower Downtown Miami

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