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modern living rooms

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Guest Post by Heather Greene

Guest post authored by: Heather Green

Introductory Bio: 

Heather Green is a freelance writer for several regional magazines in North Carolina as well as a resident blogger for Her writing experience includes fashion, business, health, agriculture and a wide range of other topics.

Enjoy the post... 

Choosing a Modern Home and Furniture

There has been a return to the modern home design in recent years. A modern home design is often more green, and many builders are focusing on bringing the green elements into the home. The windows and the more open floor plans make conserving energy easier, but they also lend themselves to beautiful modern furniture and design. When you are considering a modern home purchase you should also consider how you plan to furnish the home and be prepared to embrace all aspects of modern design.

Modern Design in Main Living Spaces

The modern floor plan may make it necessary for you divide your main room into spaces used for specific purposes. For example many modern designs have one main room that is larger, but within that space you need to place a dining area, an office, and an area to entertain guests. You can divide the space using rugs, and by arranging your furniture in a way that designates the change of use for each space. It makes the most sense to have the dining table next to the kitchen area. You can place a run under the table to clearly mark the spot. If you do not entertain very often you may choose to use the bar from your kitchen as your only dining space, and focus on choosing bar stools.

The entertaining area should have a place where you can seat your guests or when you can relax easily. You can use another rug to set this space apart. To provide more seating options you may also want to have several pillows that guests can use when they sit on the floor if you have a large number of people over. If you are going to do this, be sure you do use an area rug for them to sit on.

Modern Design in the Bedroom

Modern furniture offers several unique and eye-catching pieces that can be used in the bedroom. Each piece from the bed to the dresser and shelves gives you the opportunity to make a unique statement about you and your personal decorating taste. Many modern pieces come in unique shapes or have a unique way to display the items that are most important for you. The modern design offers clean lines, and you should often choose a minimalist approach to your accessories when you use modern furniture. Additionally the colors you choose to accent your room are very important. You can choose bold colors, but in your bedroom you may choose to go with a softer color palette to create a soothing retreat.

Modern Design in Your Office

As you design your office you will want to choose items that lend themselves to practicality while still embracing the bold, sleek designs of modern furniture. Instead of choosing a heavy desk or office piece you may choose something that is more subtle and subdued, but that more fits the modern design. If the desk is in the main living space, you will want to choose a design that compliments the rest of the room, and that will blend into the space instead of standing out.

About the Author:

Heather Green is a freelance writer for several regional magazines in North Carolina as well as a resident blogger for Her writing experience includes fashion, business, health, agriculture and a wide range of other topics. Heather has just completed research on<a href="">online nursing schools</a> and <a href="">lpn degree online</a>.

Hope all of you enjoyed her post..

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

All about Bedrooms

All about Bedrooms

Today I am talking about bedrooms and will help many of you in your selection of a headboard, proper placement, making your room cozy, accent pieces, and many other secrets to help all of you make your room the best place in the house..

Enjoy the pics and post...

Why Choose a wooden Bed...

Wooden beds have long been a popular choice for the bedroom and continue to be bought by individuals who are looking for a durable and cost-effective sleeping solution. Wood is a renewable resource and for those with green concerns, it is worth noting that it is possible to purchase beds made exclusively from sustainable forests.

Wooden frames offer solid support to mattresses, providing both comfort and convenience due to the ability to disassemble frames when moving them from room to room, or even home to home. Though durable, in contrast to many modern metal counterparts, wooden beds can often be more easily repaired should a beam or support snap, or be broken in transit. Instead of sourcing a metal part or screw, you should be able to source or cut your own replacement beam at a low cost.

One of the most obvious benefits of choosing a wooden bed is the peace of mind provided by the fact your bed is likely to last for years to come. With this in mind, it’s worth selecting a bed that will service your needs for the duration. It is of course possible to alter the appearance of a wooden bed through staining or painting in order to fit with changing interior schemes, but if you buy a single bed for your growing child and they outgrow it before you would ideally like or need to replace it, you may regret your initial investment. It may therefore make more financial sense to purchase a three-quarter or queen-size bed that will see a child through their teenage years and save you the time and expense of an additional purchase in the long run.

Making it seem cozy... 

There is always so much talk about making a small room look larger but what do you do when your room is so big that you can’t seem to make it feel comfortable? Well, with the right furnishings and tricks you can make your extra-large room feel less like a museum lobby and more like a cozy home.
  • Color Choice – While you don’t have to have a palette full of dark colors, you do need a few to close the room up a little. Even painting one wall dark will make a drastic improvement to draw the wall in toward the room’s core. Some people even prefer to paint the ceiling a darker shade than the walls as well.
  • Scale – Large rooms can accommodate big pieces of furniture. This doesn’t mean that you have to stuff it full but you can choose large sectionals, shelving and pieces of art that would dwarf a smaller room.
  • Arrangement – If you have the extra space in your room, why not add extra seating and set up a small reading or game area? What about adding a small bar or using screens to create a room inside a room?
  • Accents – Be sure to incorporate the dark colors in your palette into your accents and make sure that they are scattered throughout the room, not just all in one area.
Having a large room can certainly be challenging to decorate if you desire that warm home feeling but with a little extra thought, you can cozy up the space without making it appear cluttered. Also, don’t forget plants! You have space for extra-large leafy greens so take full advantage of this wonderful opportunity to bring live art into your home.

 Positioning The headboard...

The bed is always the focal point in a contemporary-style bedroom so proper positioning is everything! While a minimalistic platform bed was once only available in a few styles, today you can find them in a wide variety of colors, some open underneath, others closed off. They typically do not have a headboard but if there is one, it’s usually quite basic.

So, with how simple these platform beds are, how do they demand so much attention? It’s all about the position in the room! A bed in a contemporary room can be placed in the room’s center but most people find they appreciate the security of a wall behind them. When placed against a wall, it should be a large solid one that can house a nice piece of art. It really should never be positioned under a window or in direct line with the door and you absolutely do not want to have a bed under a beam. It is suggested that the weight of a beam overhead can cause headaches and disrupt sleep patterns.
Draw More Attention

If you really want to zoom in on the bed, turn tall dressers or shelving so they are positioned kiddie corner, this allows them to be on an angle facing the bed. As a last tip, contemporary styling is minimalist but it is all about balance so if you have a lot of sharp lines including your bed, dresser, television, etc., consider adding a round nightstand, piece of art, rug or even a bean bag chair to bring an equal balance to the room.

Choosing the right Headboard...

The proper headboard in a bedroom is like a fireplace mantel in the living room, they both create a focal point. Any properly decorated room will provide a fabulous area for the eyes to come to rest. Choosing the right headboard for your room is suggested to draw positive energy inward to help with quality sleep. Not to mention, they just look great!
  • Creativity – For a real attention-grabber, stay clear of traditional flat panel headboards. There are incredibly unique and artistic pieces available today in wave, oval or many other shapes to bring a little creativity to the space.
  • Material – You will find that most headboards are made from wood or metal (two important Feng Shui elements) however, that doesn’t mean you have to over look wicker, bamboo, quilting or you can even make one with a large canvas covered with fabric.
  • Surroundings – Traditionally, the decor of your room is going to dictate the headboard you choose. Just because you love that contemporary black, curved headboard does not mean it will compliment your Victorian or country cottage room. Theme and color must both be taken into consideration.
Headboards provide you with a more secure feeling while you sleep, according to Taoist beliefs. It is also suggested to not hang or drop clothes from them as they are essentially pieces of art. After all, you wouldn’t hang a towel over a canvas in your living room would you?

Accents for your room...

Your bedroom is your safe place, your private abode – and it’s all about the details when it comes to decorating this sacred space. Although guests won’t be visiting your bedroom often, you can dress it up to be a modern testament to style by paying attention to the accents.

How about trying out a few throw pillows to add a splash of color? Decorative pillows can dress up a bedroom bench, your bed itself, and they can even look stunning placed nonchalantly in the corner.

You can also introduce color into your bedroom in a more subtle way. Sateen sheets come in a variety of muted colors, like eggshell blue and goldenrod yellow. When your bed is made up with the corner pulled down, this delicate touch of color will warm up its surroundings.

Wall decals are another option for a bedroom accent. Available in white, black and a variety of colors, these can add a tasteful but flirty and fun element to your room.
Patterned curtains can also brighten up a bedroom. You can get dragonflies buzzing around a sheer backdrop, or flowers weaving in and out of your window. If you do decide to get patterned curtains, try matching the main colors with your bedspread or accent pillows.
And finally, a flower vase can go a long way in dressing up a bedroom. You can incorporate a bright blue vase with pink flowers for a lovely splash of fresh scent and color.
What do you use to brighten up your bedroom?

Bedroom 101..

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

How to make an office with very little space...

How to make an office with very little space...

Today I am sharing how to create an office with very little space in your home and without the need to use an entire room for your special place or small home office..

Enjoy the pics and post...

Your little corner...

Whether you want to hide that desk you have in your living room, create a little privacy area or make an office for your kids to study, you can easily do it even if you don’t have an extra room available. You don’t really need much space or a lot of furniture and supplies. Generally, a small desk, comfortable chair and of course, a gorgeous lamp to spice up the area is about all you need. Small cubicles are so easy to create anywhere in the house that if you have several people in your home, everyone can have their own private getaway to do homework, read, study, pay bills or simply escape!
The easiest way to create an office is with a walk-in closet. Yes, closet space can be hard to give up but if everyone can move their coats out of the hallway closet then you’re all set. Paint the area white or another light color and make sure there’s proper lighting. Closets offer a great deal of privacy. There are plenty of small desks available and you can even hang a cork board, calender or whatever else you want on the walls. The best part is, any mess is hidden with the door!
Under the Stairs
Many homes with multiple levels, have a cubbyhole under the stairs that is the perfect private area to turn into an office. Treat it the same way you would a closet and if you want a little extra privacy, buy a nice screen or hang a tension rod and a curtain to make yourself a door.
Corner of the Room
If the other two ideas just aren’t an option, section off a corner of a room and create a desk area. You can either make yourself a fabric room divider and hang it kiddie-corner or use two so your office area is square. Alternatively, you can use a room screen here as well. This is really ideal in kids rooms or dorms, especially if two people are sharing a space. A little privacy goes a long way.
Everyone needs their own personal space, a place to put their belongings that they know will be safe and things won’t get moved around. Of course, this can often turn into a mess so hiding these areas is always a great idea!

An Ideal Desk...

Work becomes smooth. The trig desk does what every desk hopes to do: it makes your work day a little bit sweeter, a little bit smoother. With a glassy finish and a minimalistic perspective, the trig desk allows you to focus on your work with no distractions. It beautifies your office by adding a touch of icy calm which will be reflected in your work. Constructed from glass and titanium finished steel, there is no other desk that is more delicate yet sturdy. The tempered glass surface sits atop a white backdrop that will purify both your office and your mind. You can purchase the trig desk at for $149.00.

Another suggestion..

The height of dining fashion. Judging by its thin frame, you might be a little incredulous at the thought that this sidecar high dining table is versatile enough to act as a dining place for two, a desk, a buffet, storage or a cocktail bar. Take a closer look, and you’ll see the style and functionality of this table ensure that it is all these things, and more. It is a modern piece of furniture that promises plenty of leg room, storage for wine, cutlery or office papers, and a white hot style that will catch the wandering eye whether it is up against a wall or freestanding as an island. You can purchase the sidecar high dining table at for $399.00.


Make your desktop an industrial landscape. The hard lines, smooth surfaces and aluminum material that compose these Aluminum Letter Trays are what makes them so stunning. They will give any desk a sense of no-nonsense business. Each set of two comes with four connectors to stack the trays directly on top of one another or to set the top tray back slightly so that the lower tray is more easily accessed. The bottom of the trays have an ASF non-slip textured substance to ensure they stay firmly in place. Your letters and important documents will never get lost in the shuffle again. The Aluminum Letter Tray from Design Within Reach is available for $120.00 per set of two.

A more fancy desk...

The oval office desk. The Sasha Desk is contemporary and functional, designed with a mixture of youthfulness and sophistication. It features a leather writing surface that offers padded, but stiff, support for your work. The front drawer is adorned with a chrome and leather handle, and opens out to a storage space for pens, pencils, paper and any other writing utensils you’d need. The desk is constructed from dark brown vinyl and is finished with a rich java coating. The tapered legs and lower, half-moon shelf combine to give this desk some personality and round out the piece. You’ll find theSasha Desk by Sitcom Furniture at for $699.00.

A desk for your wall....

Don’t let your work tie you down. If ever there was a way to rise above all of the papers, clutter, and other office mess that pervades your workspace, this floating Lax Wall Mounted Desk is the perfect beginning. It uses light, natural materials to create an open, flexible look. The walnut wood and white powdered aluminum doors are complimentary to the floating appearance of the desk itself. The added upper cabinet will only increase the image of a floating, carefree workspace. This desk can be used as a display shelf for living room accessories and media as well. The Lax Wall Mounted Desk is available at for $720.00.

A small desk that is very modern....

sense desk
Simple and fresh, the home office just became stylish. Herman Miller introduces this Sense Desk as part of his LifeWork furniture set for the home. It is designed to be the workstation that you feel comfortable enough to send out personal emails from, yet professional enough to pay your bills and do assignments for your boss. The layout is ergonomically sophisticated, and its technical, thin lines are adjustable for anyone’s height (including children). The desktop cabinet uses horizontal space and drawn out lines to store your papers and media. This desk is available with a white laminate top or a walnut veneer top to meet your visual needs. The price of this desk starts at $949.00 and goes up with different additions. You can find the Sense Desk along with the other LifeWork furniture at

There you go ideas on how to turn any empty corner into your home office..

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Modern Contemporary things...

Modern Contemporary things... 

Today I am sharing a bunch of ideas and trends that are considered modern copntemporary and are normally left out.. First Inspiration in colors, how to use eco friendly materials, how to create a modern contempotrary nursery, a cool chair, and how to really convert a studio apartment into a modern contemporary wonder..

Enjoy the pics and post.. 

Inspiration with Color.. 

Quite often, the problem is not planning a remodel or even redecorating, you may even have the funds just burning a hold in your pocket ,waiting to be spent; sometimes, the problem is simply deciding what you want to do! Whether your mind is blank or if you’re over-inspired with so many fantastic ideas that you can’t decide on one, these tips will help get on track.

Finding Inspiration
If you’re having a hard time finding something to inspire you, maybe you’re looking for too much. Instead of trying to vision an entire room, perhaps find a rug, piece of art or a color that just draws you in and then plan your decorating scheme around that. Sometimes just looking through magazines, browsing the internet or going shopping will trigger the design that you’ve been looking for.

Finding Your Style
Don’t be afraid to try something that is totally not you! If you’ve always had neutral rooms, go bold! Been doing the contemporary thing since before it was in style? Why not try Victorian? It’s always a thrill to shop for antiques and vintage items.

Reuse What You Can
On a budget? Quite often, just changing the paint color on your walls, buying a new cover for the couch, moving the furniture around and adding a few new decorative pillows is all that you need to get you out of the boring rut that you’ve found yourself in.

Address Your Lighting
Whether you’re doing an entire remodel or just sprucing things up a bit, don’t overlook your lighting. There is nothing exciting about that same light fixture you’ve been looking at for the past 10 years. Adding pendants, recess lighting, chandeliers, wall scones or an assortment of fun lamps will give your space an instant facelift. You can’t imagine the impact that stylish lighting can have on a room until you see the transformation!

Eco Friendly Materials... 

Reducing your carbon footprint goes far beyond recycling, solar panels and choosing non-toxic paint and flooring. The decor that you use in your home can also be environmentally-friendly as well. Today, designers are creating stunning pieces that are actually beneficial to your living space.
  • Bamboo – This raw material exploded in popularity many years ago and has not lost its novelty. This renewable resource not only makes beautiful products, it grows back fast! Fresh bamboo shoots are always a great idea to bring any room to life as well.
  • Recycled Glass – What else is there to do with recycled wine bottles, windshields and dinner plates besides make them into something spectacular. This glass is broken up into tiny pieces and then concrete holds it together. What you get are recycled countertops, tables, vases and more, made from materials that would have otherwise ended up filling landfills.
  • Recycled Aluminum – Many manufacturers are recycling industrial scrap metal, soda cans, etc., to use as backsplashes, countertops, accent furniture, art and even sculptures for your garden.
  • Cork – This is quickly becoming a preferred choice in flooring and is expected to be a material found in home accents in the near future. It’s durable, comfortable, water-resistant, contains no formaldehyde binders or PVC and is a renewable resource.
Other materials recognized as being environmentally-friendly are concrete, recycled paper and natural plaster. Whether you are building, remodeling or redecorating, there are now an abundance of choices available to make a contemporary home, GREEN!

A Modern Contemporary Nursery.. 

Chances are, your baby isn’t too fussy about the style of their room at least until they become a toddler so why not create a contemporary look until you have to change it to a princess or superhero theme? You’re spending a lot of time in the nursery so when the surroundings make you feel good, your baby will pick up on your feelings and be more relaxed.
  • Color Palette – Use one wall to paint darker and leave the others as a calming neutral. Ideally, you will use three colors to make up your palette like beige, chocolate and white or white, black and lime green, etc.
  • Furniture – The furniture should fit with your color scheme, be minimal and positioned so there is plenty of space, allowing positive energy to flow through and keep you from feeling cramped.
  • Decor – A natural fiber rug in a bold pattern is a great accent as are textured wall art, three-dimensional mobiles, etc. Consider using some type of cabinet to house stuffed animals, toys and other baby gear so it doesn’t look cluttered.
The effect a room has on you will ultimately affect your baby. A contemporary room has been voted very helpful for women who are feeling stressed, overwhelmed or suffering from postpartum depression.

A cool chair...

Funky, contemporary, retro AND vintage all rolled into one? Is that even a possible or logical combination? Apparently so! One of Padstyle’s readers was kind enough to recommend the Plush Deco site in the comments section of our Top 25 Interior Design and Furniture Blogs entry. Well, if you can’t tell by the flower-inspired chair in the picture, this is definitely a furniture line worthy to be labeled as Friday fun!
The upholstered Flower Blossom Chair is not only incredibly unique and a definite showstopper, it’s surprisingly comfortable. It comes in green, purple and black, covered with a shiny microfiber fabric and it has a gorgeous swiveling chrome base. If you have a room that’s just lacking something, this may be that one focal point piece that you desperately need. This is a chair that would look great in an office too, it certainly is a conversation starter and a fabulous way to break the ice.
Who says furniture has to be either stylish or comfortable? Why can’t you have the best of both worlds? For more information on the Flower Blossom Chair or to view the rest of the incredibly fun and oh-so-stylish furniture, visit the Plush Deco  website.

Turning a studio apartment modern, contemporary...

Just because you have a small space does not mean that you cannot create a completely modern home that you are proud to show off. Sometimes, having a smaller area to work with is actually easier to decorate because you don’t have to be worried about the design of one room flowing to the next!
  • Welcome the Sun – Natural lighting will amplify the size of your room. Heavy curtains should be avoided at all costs in small spaces.
  • Flexible Furniture – While you want to be able to entertain your guests at a full-size table, this will only take up a lot of space when not in use. Using a drop leaf table is the perfect solution. Also, don’t underestimate seating cubes or footstools that provide a modern appeal and can double as a a coffee table or an extra chair when needed.
  • Shelving – Small spaces can really benefit from shelving, not just for aesthetic purposes but for storage as well. Use decorative boxes that accent your decor to hide things you have no room for.
  • Minimal Furniture – That overstuffed sectional may look fantastic on the showroom floor but it will dwarf your room size. Keep furniture minimal with nice clean lines.
  • Don’t Forget Rugs – For whatever reason, many people feel that need a large space to lay down rugs. This is not true! You can even lay contrasting rugs over one another to give your studio apartment an ultra chic look that will leave your guests wondering if you hired a professional to design your interior.
Whether this is your first apartment or if you are simply downsizing, get comfortable in your space! You will find you may love the smaller area more than you ever imagined with the right accents.

Hope you enjoyed..

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Shelves, Home Entertainment, Heated Floors, and other really cool modern stuff

Shelves, Home Entertainment, Heated Floors, and other really cool modern stuff

Today I am writing about things we tend to normally forget about when thinking about home decor and remodeling projects. First the Home Entertainment room, then there are shelves, and some other hidden items we tend to overlook. I also have added a piece on how to remodel and decorate your kitchen on a budget. 

Enjoy the pics and post... 

All ABout Home Entertainment... 

Believe it or not, the proper size and placement of your digital entertainment pieces can not only have an effect on the aesthetic of a room, it can determine how much you actually enjoy sitting on the couch watching that movie you’ve been looking forward to seeing. These tips will help you set up an entertainment center that will be enjoyable and will compliment the room.
  • Size – The biggest television is not always the best one. In fact, a screen that is too large for a space, especially one you are forced to sit too close to, will compromise visual quality.
  • Wall Placement – When hanging a flat screen don’t judge the height based on standing there looking at it. Sit on the chair you will normally spend your time in and you will notice that the screen needs to be hung much lower for you to be comfortable.
  • Hiding Wires – Nothing ruins an elegant room faster than wires hanging. If you are concealing wires in a wall, make sure that they have a UL-rating so there is no potential for a fire hazard. Don’t want to tuck your wires in your wall? Use wire guards, they stick to virtually any surface and you can paint them to match the color of the wall.
To ensure that your digital entertainment center doesn’t distract from the room, keep DVD players, gaming systems and remote controls tucked away neatly out of sight.

Hiding Wires... A Must

You’ve invested a fair bit of time and money into your home theater, so you no doubt want it to look its best. While simply having that gorgeous black flat screen TV mounted to the wall or on a black glass shelf is stylish enough, you’ve also got to pay attention to the details if you want the room to maintain its clean, organized look. And that means gathering up those bundles of audio and video cables.
Hiding your home theater cables is not as complex as it might seem when you first stare despondently at that mess at the back of your TV. It just takes a few small tools, a little effort, and an eye towards the moment when your home theater is complete.
You can get cable ties from your local electronics store, in black or white, and use these to tie your cables in a bundle. You’ll want to tie them every few feet, and then run the bundle along your baseboard. You can tack it to the corner, but be sure you don’t pierce any of the cables themselves.
For the more daring (and for an even more concealed look), try hiding the cables under the carpet. Lift up the carpet at the edges, and tack the cables down underneath, just along the baseboard.
Or, if you aren’t really a do-it-yourselfer, you can get a professional to hide your cables inside your walls and along the floor.
It just takes a few small tools, a little effort, and an eye towards the moment when your home theater sound systems are complete.
It might seem like a lot of work, but trust us: an organized, clean home theater will be a much better environment for your next family movie night.

Modern Shelves...

Everyone needs some type of shelving in their home, they are ideal for pieces of art, lamps, photos, etc. Regardless what you choose to put on yours, there is no reason why your shelving has to be traditional or boring!
The Eclipse Contemporary Etagere is a piece of art all by itself. Although it is shown in onyx, it is also available in chrome (matte finish), gunmetal, mocha, topaz, pewter and platinum, all with glass shelves. This is a visually stimulating, stunning contemporary design that is handcrafted individually in the United States and comes with a 10 year warranty!
About Johnston Casuals
Superior welding techniques are used in the creation of every Johnston Casuals piece. They pride themselves in paying attention to the finest detail. They aim to offer nearly their entire collection in a myriad of finishes so whether you are looking for a few pieces that all match or you prefer a variety that compliments one another, their line stands alone or together perfectly.
Johnston Casuals strives to make exquisite pieces while protecting the environment so their decor is not only beautiful, it’s environmentally-friendly as well. From using only landfill-safe chemicals that have been EPA certified to recycling factory materials, they constantly look for ways to create art while respecting the environment. Visit Johnston Casuals online to view all of their spectacular pieces!

Remodeling the kitchen on a budget... 

Do you want a fresh look in your kitchen but you don’t want to take out a second mortgage to satisfy your need for freshness? There are quite a few budget-friendly things that you can do that will make a huge impact on the overall appearance of your kitchen. Not to mention, these are easy do-it-yourself projects you can complete on a lazy afternoon.
  • Change Fixtures – Replacing your old, ordinary faucet with a contemporary one is a small change that makes a big difference. Opt for one that offers a low-flow option which will cut down on your water bill.
  • Add a Backsplash – You can provide color, depth and even a pattern or theme to your kitchen by adding a backsplash to one wall. Be creative, experiment with more than one tile and choose colors that will bring your kitchen to life.
  • Modernize Your Lighting – What do the light fixtures in your kitchen look like? Adding recessed lighting or hanging a chandelier or even pendant or waterfall fixtures can really make a strong statement.
  • Replace Your Countertop – A stunning countertop can quickly become a focal point in any kitchen and replacing yours is not nearly as costly as you may imagine. Ceramic tiles are easy to install or you can look for materials such as stone or granite, keeping in mind that stone is much less expensive than granite.
  • Paint a Wall – Sometimes just bringing a new color to one wall is all that you need to satisfy your redecorating urge.
Kitchens are the foundation of any home, yours should be one that you truly love to be in. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things, nothing is every permanent if you find you don’t love it later!

Benefits of Underfloor Heating.. 

In the autumn and winter months the cold weather outside puts the effectiveness of our central heating systems and their limits sharply into focus. It’s therefore wise to make sure your heating provision is up to scratch in preparation for this period. One option you may not have considered before is luxury underfloor heating.
Rather than being a modern concept, underfloor heating in fact dates back to Roman times when homeowners piped hot air under their homes to help keep their homes more cosy. These heating systems can sometimes be known as radiant heating systems and need to be installed by qualified plumbers. The system works by using either hot water or electric heating units under the floor to evenly distribute heat throughout a room. In hot water (wet) systems the water running under the floor in pipes uses water from a central boiler to heat the room. It can therefore be programmed in much the same way as a conventional central heating system.
Many people believe that underfloor heating can offer homeowners significant energy savings because of the way it operates. Because the heating comes from the lowest level in the room and hot air rises, this type of heating works more effectively at a low level that may otherwise be difficult to warm. It also heats throughout the room more evenly rather than emanating from a fixed centralised point as a radiator does. This means you are less likely to crank up the temperature – and the energy used – to warm up a colder corner in the room. Underfloor heating also boasts a reduced energy requirement compared with the use of water-heated radiators. Pipes for underfloor use require water heated to around 113-149° F (45-65° C) compared to the 176° F (80° C) needed by radiators. This type of system will comfortably warm a floor to 77-82.4° F (25-28° C) and it has been estimated that it could make homeowners energy savings of around 15 to 40%.
Other benefits of underfloor heating relate to space and convenience. A room without radiators on the walls looks larger and less cluttered and is also easier to decorate. In addition, underfloor heating can help reduce the moisture content of a room, which can be of particular benefit to asthma sufferers who may suffer problems caused by dust mites, which can thrive in damp environments.

Does your Room Flow... 

The way a room is laid out can have a huge impact on not only how aesthetically-pleasing it is but on how comfortable it is to be in too! Creating a balance between furniture, accents and the flow of traffic can leave you with a harmonious room.
  • Control the Flow – People and pets need to be able to find their way through the room without obstacles or tight, undesirable squeezes. Keeping seating where it won’t interfere with doors and electrical outlets is crucial. Also, take into consideration recliners that may become fully extended or leafs that might be added to tables.
  • Have a Focal Point – Every room needs a focal point. In homes with a fireplace, the mantle usually takes over, a contemporary bedroom has a platform bed, etc. The eyes can become lost and exhausted if left to travel aimlessly throughout a room and never reach a focal point. Wall fountains, art, biofuel fireplaces or even large aquariums all work well.
  • Scale – The furnishings need to be reflective of the size of the room. You simply cannot have over-sized furniture in a small space. Choose clean lines and create balance to make the room appear larger.
If you feel a little lost in your room or something is just not quite right, you may just need to rearrange a few things. When the layout of your room is perfect, you will know right away. Sometimes it helps to leave, go get a coffee and then see how you feel stepping back into the room for the first time to determine what is throwing the space off balance.

Hope you enjoyed..

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Saturday, February 4, 2012

All about the outdoors...

All about outdoor living... 

Today i am sharing with all of you the essentials when remodeling your yard or balcony should you live in an apartment... I have umbrella choices, furniture choices, gas or regular girl, and many other exciting items that you can use at affordable prices when remodeling your back yard...

Enjoy the pics and Post..

Building a rock waterfall..

Fall is here, and you’ve no doubt already seen its withering effects on your perennials as they die off for the colder months. Gardens are a lovely addition to any home’s landscaping, but it can be a bit disheartening to care for them all spring and summer, only to watch them fade to brown come winter.
Rock gardens can help combat the retreat of your flowerbeds. Always a staple in modern landscaping, rock gardens feature large and small colorful rocks scattered artistically across a front or back yard. Here are the basic steps to create your own rock garden, so you can have a beautiful yard all year round:
  1. Choose the location for your rock garden. If you want to place it in a large, sprawling space, you’ll need more rocks and a more natural design concept than if you want only a small rock garden bed amidst other landscaping elements.
  2. Find the rocks that you’ll use in the garden. When choosing rocks, consider the color (do you want red sandstone or grey limestone?), size, and shape of your rocks. Large, oddly shaped rocks are often the centerpieces of a rock garden.
  3. Choose the plants that will accent your rocks. Some believe that the plants you choose should only be those that grow naturally amongst rocks, while other go for sprigs of bright color amidst the stones. The choice is yours.
  4. Place, plant and position your rock garden. You’ll likely need help from a strong friend or a landscaper when moving the heavy boulders and rocks around your yard, so before you even begin you should have a solid design plan in your head to minimize the amount of lifting.
  5. Enjoy your year-round landscape!
The Cot Daybed...

Outdoor inspirations. For all your rest or play needs, the Cot Day Bed from la-Fete will provide. It appears almost like a modern sculpture, but is so carefully constructed for comfort and durability that you won’t want to come in even after the sun has gone down. The patent polymeric technology that these cots use in their construction is the same that is found on many yachts and beach resorts around the world. They have a comfortable foam core that is coated with a substance that ensure that chlorine and other spills won’t reduce the sheen. And the Cot Daybed is available in four colors, to perfectly match any of your current outdoor decor. The Cot Daybed can be found at for $1,360.00.

The element table..

Style carved from the earth. Bring some nature into your livingroom with the Element Coffee Table. This table is perfect for a cottage, in a protected outdoor setting, or in any daring livingroom that is looking to carve out its own, unique style. This stone table is made from a combination of granite, stone, marble and natural cement fibers. And not only is it made from natural materials, it is made in an eco-friendly facility that avoids the use of fossil fuel. So be kind to your planet while you are upgrading your interior. The Element Coffee Table can be found at for $349.00.

Cozy furniture for afternoon naps..

You don’t have to have an ocean at your backdoor to appreciate a modern lounge daybed. You really don’t even need to be the type of person who enjoys an afternoon nap. All you need is to be someone who appreciates comfort and an elegant, contemporary look. At times, comfort and contemporary certainly do not live harmoniously but theLagoon daybed by Solpuri proves that the two can create the perfect balance.
Imagine this stunning piece by your pool, on your deck or even under your favorite tree, it certainly would catch a few glances from jealous neighbors. The Lagoon features a very modern roundish frame with an amazingly plush mattress to envelope you in comfort and promote deep relaxation. It’s even large enough to sleep two!
What makes this daybed so special is its removable shade that transitions with ease so when you’ve had enough sun you can create your own shade. Still not impressed? How about the fact that the translucent base actually lights up on the inside to create a gorgeous moonlight-colored glow at night?
If you are looking for that perfect contemporary piece that will compliment your outdoor living space yet invite you in for days of relaxation, the Lagoon daybed just might be it. For more information on this season’s collection, visit the Solpuri website.

Landscaping on a budget...

If you haven’t tackled your landscaping yet because you think it’s not in your budget, you should know there are a few tricks you can use that are very inexpensive. You shouldn’t feel as though you have to splurge and buy everything all at one time either. Adding a few things here and there every week or every other week is often easier than paying for one big shopping spree.
Rocks and Stones
Borders, garden walkways and walls can be pretty expensive when you purchase commercial products. If you scout around and always ask permission, you’ll often find old bricks from structures that have been torn down that you can use for this purpose. Sure, they may be old but they have character! You can create walkways and even mock patio areas with stones and rocks as well which you can also often find for free.
Native Plants
You will find that native plants are not only traditionally inexpensive, they require less care. This means that you’re not having to water so much or buy fertilizer. You can often obtain seedlings or seeds from friends, family and neighbors if you ask around. Native plants traditionally resist disease and insects better as well. Keep in mind, the more plants, shrubs and trees you have, the less grass you have to maintain!
Experiment with Containers
If you do want to experiment with pricier plants, use containers for growing and place them around your landscaping. This will allow you to control and maintain them easier. Should you find that they do well in a certain location, you can always transplant them.
Make Use of Hedges
Hedges can outline your property, offer privacy and act as a sound barrier. Not to mention, those that stay full year round can help reduce your heating costs by blocking the cold winter wind when they’re strategically placed properly

When you live in an apartment..

If you live in an apartment, condominium, loft, penthouse or if you’re just fortunate enough to have a balcony off your second floor master bedroom in your home, there are a lot of things you can do with that railing! Regardless if you have wood, wrought iron or anything else, there is plenty of decor that will look fantastic.
  • Plant Containers – There are plant pots that attach to the inner side of your railing as well as ones pictured that sit on top. They are available in every color imaginable and they’ll allow your plants to get a bit of sunshine that they may not receive if they were placed on the ground with an overhead balcony or ceiling.
  • Bird Feeders – Why not invite your feather-friends to share your balcony with you? There are even birdbaths available that you can attach to your railing.
  • Lights – Not only can you hang string lights, there are very modern, block lights that fasten to the railing as well. The best thing about these is most are solar-powered so you don’t have to worry about fussing with electricity.
  • Crystals – If you have a traditional railing with vertical spaces, why not hang a few crystals to catch the sun’s rays?
Why not spice up that railing? You can add a little pizazz to the outer side too! Make others looking up from the street wonder who the person is behind that fabulous balcony!

How to choose an umbrella...

A patio umbrella may not be something you really want to squeeze into the budget on top of all of your other springtime expenses to spruce up your landscaping but you may be surprised to discover how much more time you spend in your outdoor living space if you have one. It can be tempting to simply buy a small inexpensive round umbrella, which may be find if you have nice shade tree as well however, you may want to splurge just a bit more for a larger one.
  • Determine the size of the area that you want to receive shade. This could be the entire seating area or just a small section. You might even want to consider a swivel umbrella so that you can change its position as the sun moves, without fussing with moving the entire stand.
  • Grab some painter’s tape, yarn, a few dog leashes or something you can use to outline the area with that you want shaded and lay them around the desired perimeter.
  • Use your measuring tape to measure across from side of the area to another to determine the size of the umbrella you need and you’re ready to go shopping either in store or online.
A quality patio umbrella that is properly taken care of can last quite a long time so think of it as an investment. You will also find solar lights and even heaters that attach to some umbrellas so you can enjoy your outdoor living space even later on those cool evenings.

Gas or regular grill... 

You should put as much thought into your grill as you do your kitchen stove. You will find that most people have a full blown love affair with either a gas or a charcoal grill, few people will say that they like both. Therefore, asking the advice of those around you will often get you some extremely opinionated answers.
  • Gas Grills – It’s all about convenience with gas grills. There’s not wood chips or coals to heat up, all you need to do is twist a knob or flip a switch and you’re ready to grill. They are extremely versatile and offer a very consistent flame so you can cook your burgers, buns and veggies without charring any of them.
  • Charcoal Grills – It is said that food cooked on a charcoal grill always wins any taste test. There really is no competing with the flavor. Unfortunately, you can’t be blessed with all that tasty goodness without putting in a little grunt work. There’s more prep time and flames can be all over the place so you really do have to babysit your food.
If you’re ready to buy a grill to really kick off your spring and summer season the right way, take the time to evaluate your needs, become familiar with different products and read reviews. Choosing the right grill is imperative. If you buy one you’re not crazy about, you may as well park it in the garage next to that kayak you keep saying you’re going to get some use out of every year!

Solar Driveway Lights...

There are actually a few very good reasons to install solar lights along the edges of your driveway. First, they bring your landscaping to life at night and they are nice accent pieces during the day. Second, they help guide people into your driveway in the dark. Surely you have pulled into a foreign driveway before whether you were visiting or just turning around and found yourself struggling to see, especially in the rain. Of course, you can pull into your driveway blindfolded but lights will help others find their way and keep them off your grass.
Another reason for solar lights is they deter theft and vandalism. Whether you’re home or not, people will ill intentions are less likely to target a property that is well lit up. So, how do you decide which ones to buy?
Picking the Right One
Buying the value pack of six in a box is not always a good idea. After all, you want them to last. Choose those that compliment your home and your landscaping. They don’t have to be extravagant but they shouldn’t take away from your home either.
Whatever you do, don’t make the mistake of eye-balling it when you install your solar lights. Take the time to measure the driveway, divide by how many lights you have and then space them appropriately, measuring every time. You’ll be much more pleased with the outcome this way!

There you have it.. The perfect outdoor living remodeling job..

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