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Thursday, October 16, 2014

a bunch of really cool things

Avant-Garde Home Furnishings, LLC présents

a bunch of really cool things

An eco-sensitive pre fabricated house designed by Philippe Starck—which made the trade show rounds in 2013—has been fully constructed on the outskirts of Paris. PATH (Prefabricated Accessible Technology Homes), the acronym assigned this prototype, brings to life Stark’s dream of a “deeply modern” and environmentally responsible prefabricated house, one that can conceivably be ready for shipping in 6 months, and requiring no more than 2 weeks for onsite construction.


A collaboration with Slovenian engineering firm Riko and a team of French ‘green’ technology experts, PATH is a decidedly modern glass and aluminum two-story house outfitted with a host of energy-efficient and energy-producing elements, including solar panels, wind turbines, rainwater collection devices, and heath pumps—all strategically chosen to help the house yield twice the energy required for its operation. While this prototype—which features the kind of light-saturated, open-plan interior, and smart storage solutions to warm the heart of any modernist—will eventually be occupied by the designger and his family, Stark’s vision for PATH is a good deal more inclusive. The PATH concept is intended to be widely adaptable to a range of home models, each customizable to desired size, floor plan, individual features, and, consequently, price points.

Glamorous though this house is, Starck is modest about his aspirations, qualifying PATH as ‘not an architectural work. It’s very humble and just made with the best engineering and the best technology.’

Elegant Concrete Dog Bowls

IMG_1628tuas dog bowls final on white bw-1 

08Dishtuas dog bowls final on white bw 
0Dishtuas dog bowls final on white bw-1 
7Dishtuas dog bowls final on white bw 

Never mind the dogs; design-minded humans are the ones likely to fall for this pair of elegant dog bowls from The Urban Animal Scientist. The Atlanta-based canine company makes good on its promise to make products with “masculine lines…built to last,” by foregoing happy colors and doggie motifs for cool, monochromatic concrete, hand poured into simple, geometric forms that don’t belie their function one bit. So much so, in fact, that we can think of plenty of uses for these handsome vessels, and they won’t even involve dog food.

Wall Paper Graphics 


Screen shot 2014-05-23 at 3.44.11 PM 

Screen shot 2014-05-23 at 3.45.10 PM

When a dash of retro-centric flair is called for, optically dizzying wallpapers from Quirk & Rescue may offer a solution or two. The London design studio, who we discovered at ICFF this year, specializes in a range of home products which count typography and graphic design among its influences, along with a dose of 60s Op Art. The latter, primarily expressed as wallpaper, features original geometric patterns and a refined sense of color, both of which elevate Quirk & 
Rescue’s designs from retro kitsch to contemporary polish.

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