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modern living rooms

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Living room modern touches..

Avant-Garde Home Furnishings, LLC présents

Living room modern touches..

Today I am sharing with all of you items and furniture that will make your living room shine out among the rest. There is everything from sofa and chairs to tables and little decor ideas that are sure to get your guests talking about your place...

Enjoy the pics and post..

mod midcentury inlay cabinet

Subtle style makes a dramatic difference. The simple style that the Mod Midcentury Inlay Cabinet displays is all about the details. The all-bamboo cabinet is constructed from environmentally-friendly materials, certified “green”, so you know you’re helping the environment while you add a touch of style to your home. The inlay bamboo in the corner is a modern twist on a traditional design. You can choose from four configurations – a nightstand, sideboard, long dresser or tall dresser – that are all made of amber bamboo and feature an intriguing inlay. Help your style and help the environment with the calm presence of these cabinets. You can purchase the Mod Midcentury Inlay Cabinet from for $1900.00 – $4500.00.

the power of the coffee table

The coffee table is an oft overlooked piece of furniture, but the right coffee table can make or break a living room. But what makes a coffee table a coffee table? And what modern styles are out there? We here at Padstyle are here to answer all of your coffee table-related questions.
Possibly the most defining feature of a coffee table is its long, low shape. It normally has shorter legs than a side table or a bistro table, and it is usually oval or rectangle as opposed to circular or square in shape. This is so that it can be placed in front of a sofa and compliment its long form and be at just the right height for easy access to anything on its surface.
However, not all coffee tables are created equal. These basic features don’t come close to describing a truly modern coffee table. Some are tall, some are short; some are wide, some are thin; some are made of wood, some are made of glass; and all of them can compliment their surroundings if placed appropriately.
You can have a coffee table that matches a handful of side tables, or you can create an eclectic look using a variety of shapes and styles. The coffee table you choose can be made of glass, wood, chrome, plastic or any material of your choosing, as long as it is sturdy and stable.
A coffee table is an integral part of a living room, because it centers all the other furniture. Your sofa set will pop if you incorporate the right coffee table – but it could fizzle if you choose the wrong one. Coffee tables are also used as a gathering place, so you’ll likely want yours to be warm and inviting.
Consider size, placement, texture and material when picking out your coffee table – you’ll thank yourself later.

springfield designer sectional v.3


Serene and simple seating, with a seductive touch. Smaller spaces will rejoice when they are adorned with the Springfield Designer Sectional v.3. This living room staple has a simple design ethos: to provide comfort and style with a reserved attitude. There is nothing over-the-top about this sectional. It features a streamline base and seating for four spread out along the cushioned main section and the more minimalist side chaise. Made in true Italian minimalist fashion, you can dress it up with some throw pillows and blankets, or keep its minimalist vibe going by placing it up against a blank wall. You can choose from 57 leather options or 53 fabric colors to make this sectional a true reflection of your designer’s eye. You’ll find the Springfield Designer Sectional v.3 at for $11,539.00.

classic coffee table

Black coffee, no-frills coffee table. Stripping something down to its elements can be a refreshing experience. This Classic Coffee Table offers a simple and straightforward design – it is a coffee table, and nothing more (other than a stylish modern piece with retro vibes). The mid-range height and thin legs produce a boxy appearance that would fill out any living room in need of some surface area. The center cutout is a convenient storage compartment for magazines, books and other living room knick-knacks. And this table comes in your choice of maple, walnut or white oak, so you can match it to your ideal modern decor. This Classic Coffee Table can be your for $767.00 by

bellino sofa – three seater

Plush comfort without the frills – a truly minimalist sofa. The Bellino Sofa is the epitome of comfort and modern. It is a deep-seating sofa, and feature an angled backrest and a low-sitting frame designed to fit the human contours and provide maximum comfort. At the same time, it is extremely minimalist, using a single, thick line to create the bulk of the form, and another two lines for the crossed chrome legs. This is a sofa that will lighten up a decor that is too bulky, and create breathable space in any room. It is available in several colors. For $930.00 you can purchase the Bellino Sofa – Three Seater at KPM Furniture

diamond modern tv unit by rossetto

Luxurious living. Your news flat screen TV deserves to be mounted in a sleek, sophisticated unit – and that’s exactly what this Diamond Modern TV Unit is. Featuring a premium quality of craftsmanship, the hardwood construction that forms the base of this unit is finished in a glossy black lacquer with crocodile leather accents. It is minimalist in spirit, but has enough storage space on the two glass shelves and in the base for all of your media storage needs. And to maintain the crisp, clean look that any modern home theater needs, this unit can minimize and hide unsightly wires for your peace of mind. The Diamond Modern TV Unit by Rossetto is available at for $3,089.00.

sly delux sofa bed

You don’t have to sacrifice style for your guests’ comfort. Often, we will pull out an unsightly air mattress or old futon when we know guests are going to be spending the night. However, sleeping arrangement for those extra bodies don’t have to rely on cluttered, out-of-place furniture. The Sly Delux Sofa is the perfect option for a house that wants to retain its style while catering to the needs of guests. It features an industrial steel frame and chrome or matte black legs for assuring support as well as four color options: brown or black microfiber, and white or black textile leather. But the true value is in the comfort: individual pocket springs to reduce movement and to place this mattress in the coveted category of dense, firm comfort. The Sly Delux Sofa can be found at for $1,410.00.

Things that will make your living room shine..

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Three amazing homes and some cool ideas in modern contemporary living...

Avant-Garde Home Furnishings, LLC présents

Three amazing homes and some cool ideas in modern contemporary living...

Today I am sharing with all of you these three spectacular hems and a couple off the norm ideas into the world of modern contemporary living..

Enjoy the pics and post..

3 spectacular homes that don’t actually exist

Some of the most creative modern design today is still in its planning stages. We’ve come across countless blueprints, mock-ups and models of homes that look impossibly beautiful, and we can’t wait to share them with you. Here are three homes that don’t exist yet, but we’re hoping that their designers make them a reality one day soon!
This pre-fab home is nearly 900-square feet of living space on a pencil-thin narrow lot. It is a design concept from Logical Homes, and it is currently on sale starting at $230,000. We love its light, airy feel and its ultra-small footprint.
Image courtesy of Logical Homes
This home design is part of Brad Pitt’s “Make it Right” campaign to rebuild New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina struck. He challenged architects to design eco-friendly, flexible, and fashionable homes for families, and they delivered. Some of these homes are being built as we speak, but we’d love to see the above home by KieranTimberlake Associates made soon.
Image courtesy of Make it Right
Can you spot the home among the astro-turf? These “invisible” homes were designed in 2007 to blend in with a golf course, and to allow for the golf course to function while families went about their business inside. We love the idea of being partially underground – unless this golf course has any gopher problems, of course!

flower power?

Funky, contemporary, retro AND vintage all rolled into one? Is that even a possible or logical combination? Apparently so! One of Padstyle’s readers was kind enough to recommend the Plush Deco site in the comments section of our Top 25 Interior Design and Furniture Blogs entry. Well, if you can’t tell by the flower-inspired chair in the picture, this is definitely a furniture line worthy to be labeled as Friday fun!
The upholstered Flower Blossom Chair is not only incredibly unique and a definite showstopper, it’s surprisingly comfortable. It comes in green, purple and black, covered with a shiny microfiber fabric and it has a gorgeous swiveling chrome base. If you have a room that’s just lacking something, this may be that one focal point piece that you desperately need. This is a chair that would look great in an office too, it certainly is a conversation starter and a fabulous way to break the ice.
Who says furniture has to be either stylish or comfortable? Why can’t you have the best of both worlds? For more information on the Flower Blossom Chair or to view the rest of the incredibly fun and oh-so-stylish furniture, visit the Plush Deco website.

painting a mural on a wall

While you may assume that painting a mural on a wall is only practical for nurseries or a child’s room, this is not true. Depending on how creative and artistic you are, they are perfect for walls in your bathroom, kitchen, hallways, etc. Even your primary living space that maybe has a short wall would be the perfect place for a life-sized piece of art. If you’re ready to tackle a wall, don’t go into it blindly. The last thing you want to do is eye-ball a mural, unless of course you’re just that good!

  • Create a Graph – The easiest way to paint a mural on a wall is to create a graph first. Measures out specific distances across the wall vertically and horizontally and then either thumbtack yarn to create a grid or use a pencil. If you plan on using a pencil, you should be either painting the entire wall or you better have the best quality eraser available to not smudge unpainted parts of the grid when you erase the lines.
  • Draw Your Design – Grab a piece of paper or poster board and create the exact same grid on it so there is the same number of squares with a pen and draw your mural on this. You will have a lot more freedom to make errors and start over this way and since you created the lines in pen, you can erase as many times as you need to.
  • Transfer to the Wall – Using the squares on the paper as a guide to the squares on the wall, recreate your mural on the wall. You can either just make really light outlines if you’re pretty comfortable with a paint brush or you can go ahead and draw yourself a detailed picture to paint.
  • Paint – The last step in creating a mural is to paint. Acrylic paint works best and don’t forget to seal it when it is completely dry. When working with a lot of colors in an area, you may have to let one color dry so your arm or hand doesn’t smudge it.
Murals can either be a quick and simple project that you do over the course of a day or they can be detailed masterpieces that you continuously return to over a long period of time. Either way, they create a really spectacular focal point in any room!

Some cool ideas and three amazing homes

AG Home Goods

Modern Contemporary ideas and 5 Glass homes

Avant-Garde Home Furnishings, LLC présents

Modern Contemporary ideas and 5 Glass homes

Today I am sharing with all of you some nice creative ideas that are different and sure to make your home feel and look much more modern & contemporary.

Enjoy the pics and post...

create a rainbow in your home with crystals

The last weekend in April has arrived, it’s time to open those curtains, clean the windows and let the sun pour in. Of course, if you really want to bring your indoor living space to life, you’ll hang a crystal in those windows that welcome the sun.
Why Hang Crystals?
It doesn’t matter if you hang one or a dozen crystals, they are going to bring an array of intoxicating color into your home. Beams of light that dance around your room not only make the space appear larger, they breath new energy into the environment.
When you hang crystals in your window, they need to be close enough to the glass to capture the sun’s rays yet not so close that they can’t twirl around. It’s easiest if you hang a tension rod for this purpose, then you can hang one in the middle, scatter several across the width of the window at various heights or create a cluster.
For an even more dramatic look, position them so their light beams will reflect off a mirror or stainless steel object so your entire room will fill with a rainbow of color. You may want to experiment with several different sizes and shapes because every crystal will create its own unique pattern. Be warned though, staring at dancing rainbows can be additive!

nothing screams spring like a hammock

Spring is officially here and without a doubt, nothing goes hand in hand better with a warm sun and a cool breeze better than a hammock! While you may be picturing Gilligan’s Island and feel as though your contemporary outdoor living space has no room for rope, you should know that these loungers made for lazy days have come a very long way!
The Hatteras Hammocks Adventurer Collection pictured above is comfortable and extremely stylish. It features a fast-drying, durable fabric that allows your skin to breathe so you never feel sweaty like you would if you were laying on a lounge chair. The spreader bars are stunning, made from South American cumaru and for those who are environmentally conscious, good news, Hatteras Hammocks only uses cumaru harvested from managed forests!
Have you had a hard time getting comfortable in hammocks you’ve laid on before because they’re just too short? This hammock is an amazing 13 ft long and almost 5 ft wide with a maximum weight capacity of 450 pounds so yes, there’s room for two!
You can find the Hatteras Hammocks Adventure Collection as well as full selection of rope, fabric, tree-hanging, free-standing and chair models at The Soothing Company.

3 unique window designs you can play with

Today’s Friday Fun post is meant to inspire you to do something with those boring rectangular windows you’ve got. It is so important to have sunlight flooding into your home, but that’s just half of the equation: the other half is the portal through which it floods. So enjoy these three stunning windows that you can use for inspiration, and get renovating!

Arches have been part of modern architecture since the days of Julius Caesar, but that doesn’t make them ancient. There is something timeless about their sweeping curve and their tall form. Arched windows are a stately and bold item, and they will make your home feel like a castle. You can flank a large arched window with two smaller arches on either side, or convert all of your windows to the arched look for royal effect.
Image courtesy of 601 Dolores Street

Stained glass isn’t just for church windows anymore. It can be a modern approach to window treatment as well. Not only does it look stunning as-is, but when the light comes through, it casts a rainbow of colors onto the interior. To avoid a dated look, go for geometric patterns as opposed to floral.
Image courtesy of Just Glass Online

You can completely ditch your rectangular windows in favor of circles if you want to. Circle windows have not fully caught on yet, but just take a look at the image above: the inlaid circle increases the design of the whole room, giving the impression of an upgraded porthole. Circles should be used with caution, but they can definitely create a unique look.

5 glitzy glass houses that make us drool

Today we here at PadStyle are going to kick off our weekly “Friday Fun” series, because we all deserve some relief from the weekly grind. Every Friday we’ll bring you something new, cool, wacky, or just plain outrageous from the world of design.
This week we have collected five beautiful and over-the-top glass houses for you to admire. We love the glass look in any modern home, but these five not-so-humble abodes take it to the limit: wall-to-ceiling glass adorns their every surface. While they look stunning and represent innovative architectural feats, we wonder just how comfortable the inhabitants are with the outside world looking in on their every waking (and sleeping) moment.
Without further ado, the five glitziest, glamorous glass houses you’ll ever see:
Image credit: Hillery Priest Architecture
This house is simply breathtaking, with its modern blocky shape and glass from top to bottom.
The Palacio de Cristal is probably the most stunning glass house on our list. While it is no longer a “house” per se as it is now a tourist attraction residing in Buen Retiro Park in central Madrid, it is a stunning piece of architecture nonetheless.
Image credit: Boyarsky Murphy
This tiny abode is nestled in between two looming Victorian mansions in west London. While it might appear small, it adds an air of intrigue and subtlety to London’s often cramped and sometimes dilapidated streets.
Image credit: Werner Sobek
Yes, this is a real house and not just a design concept. The cube-like form and sharp lines are interesting on their own, but when we found out that this home is completely green – it generates its own heat, energy, and is even recyclable – our jaws dropped.
If you follow architecture, you’ve heard of LoftCube. They design “floating homes”, and the one pictured above is a glass example of the power that these portable lofts pack.

Modern Contemporary homes and ideas

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

All about the great outdoors..

Avant-Garde Home Furnishings, LLC présents

All about the great outdoors.. 

Today I am sharing with all of you the secrets of the great outdoors.. All you need to know to build a fantastic modern contemporary outdoor space that is sure to be the talk of the town is here in this next post so read on and learn how to create the perfect outdoor space.. 

Enjoy the pics and post

a modern picnic table?

What ever happen to good old-fashioned picnic tables? For quite a while, they could be seen in every yard, park, etc., but now it seems as though people make more contemporary style choices with their outdoor furniture and have no need for these traditional pieces. Still, can anything really beat the memories a group can make gathered around a picnic table?
Well, The Hopper table pictured above certainly changes ones opinion about picnic tables! This sleek picnic table by Extremis was thoughtfully designed Dirk Wynants who was inspired by communal celebrations. Hoppers, farmers and long days working out in the field often ended with everyone gathering around a long table swapping stories, sharing laughs and indulging in some great homemade food.
The Hopper’s benches and tabletop are made from natural Iroko wood while the frame and bolts are powder-coated steel. The integrated sunshade is more than appreciated for areas that receive direct sun all day but of course, this can be closed if you prefer or eliminated altogether!
To find out more information on the unique Extremis creations or to locate a dealer, you can visit their website. Sometimes early inventions just need a little attention to spin them into something new and dynamic.

revamping old wicker

Before you toss that old wicker in the trash or pass up that table set selling for a few dollars at a garage sale based on appearance, you should know that it can look dynamic with minimal effort. Wicker has a long life, sometimes it just needs a little help to be aesthetically-pleasing after a few years.
  • Secure Weak Pieces – If there are any pieces that are weak, secure them using fiberglass packing tape. Then, apply glue over the nail joints and hold splintering pieces together with tightly wrapped fine stainless steel wire.
  • Fix Unraveled Pieces – Brush diluted exterior glue over these pieces to soften them and hold them in place with tape until they dry.
  • Prep – Using an old banister brush, clean away dirt, flaking varnish and old paint. Some parts may even need a bit of attention with fine-grit sandpaper.
  • Paint – Use a self-priming acrylic to paint the wicker. If the piece is super old and extra dry, use two coats. This will give the wicker more stability and strength.
You can find old wicker anywhere that can be made to look brilliant with a little effort. Whether you use it indoors or outdoors, these are classic pieces that will never go out of style! They’re not only perfect for your deck or patio area, they’re ideal for entryways, a child’s room, reading room, basement or anywhere else you want to add a little color.

how to build a rock garden

Fall is here, and you’ve no doubt already seen its withering effects on your perennials as they die off for the colder months. Gardens are a lovely addition to any home’s landscaping, but it can be a bit disheartening to care for them all spring and summer, only to watch them fade to brown come winter.
Rock gardens can help combat the retreat of your flowerbeds. Always a staple in modern landscaping, rock gardens feature large and small colorful rocks scattered artistically across a front or back yard. Here are the basic steps to create your own rock garden, so you can have a beautiful yard all year round:
  1. Choose the location for your rock garden. If you want to place it in a large, sprawling space, you’ll need more rocks and a more natural design concept than if you want only a small rock garden bed amidst other landscaping elements.
  2. Find the rocks that you’ll use in the garden. When choosing rocks, consider the color (do you want red sandstone or grey limestone?), size, and shape of your rocks. Large, oddly shaped rocks are often the centerpieces of a rock garden.
  3. Choose the plants that will accent your rocks. Some believe that the plants you choose should only be those that grow naturally amongst rocks, while other go for sprigs of bright color amidst the stones. The choice is yours.
  4. Place, plant and position your rock garden. You’ll likely need help from a strong friend or a landscaper when moving the heavy boulders and rocks around your yard, so before you even begin you should have a solid design plan in your head to minimize the amount of lifting.
  5. Enjoy your year-round landscape!

companion outdoor bar table

Pristine patio perfection. The all-American style of outdoor furniture meets a unique modern flair in this Companion Outdoor Bar Table. The table is made of thick lines and uses southern yellow pine as its base. This renewable American wood is stained in your choice of a number of colors, including apple green, white, Caribbean blue, natural and many more. It is then given a distressed finish, which makes it appear authentically weather-worn and well-loved. Your outdoor dining experience will benefit from the stability and the southern country style that this table will bring. The Companion Outdoor Bar Table is available at for $532.00.

resort outdoor sectional

resort outdoor sectional
resort outdoor sectional

Entertain guests in style with this modular outdoor sectional set. Combine the three styles, corner chair, armless chair and ottoman, into patterns and layouts to reflect your summertime mood. This sectional can be easily rearranged to be long and sleek or intimate and square. And the only sweat you’ll break will be because of the summer heat: these durable chairs are lightweight and compact. They go for between $249 and $399 a piece, or $1,346 for a 4-piece set Get your chill on this summer with this customizable patio set and feel like you’re on a resort in your own backyard.

etra chaise lounge and side table

The Etra Collection From Modern Outdoor
Modern Outdoor et-adl - Etra Adjustable Chaise Lounge
Modern Outdoor et-sid-24 - Etra Side Table

SIMPLISTIC, STYLISH, SLEEK SEATING.  The clean lines and subtle shades of this outdoor seating set allows for modern lines, contemporary style, and a clean look in your outdoor spaces.  Featuring an adjustable back, there is no skimping on relaxation.  These pieces are suitable for by the pool, on a patio, and on a deck these loungers and side tables offer the perfect punch of comfort and elegance.  Choose from seven different colors and two different finishes, allowing for versatility and the ability to achieve the exact look you are going after.  You can purchase this outdoor furniture set from for $3,598.00.

cabana club modular seating collection

Cabana Club Modular Seating Collection

VISITORS WILL SWARM YOUR PAD WHEN OUTDOOR ROOMS ARE OUTFITTED with this Cabana Club Modular Seating Collection.  How could contemporary decorators resists the unique style of these pieces when decorating their decks, patios, and outdoor rooms?  Luxurious finishes, sleek curves, and glisten bring a resort-like look to designs.  Throwing parties will take on new meaning when guests lounge on seating and use surfaces that accommodate both day and evening entertaining.  Homeowners who prefer quiet evenings alone will also appreciate the comfort, beauty, and durability of these pieces.  The clean lines create stunning environments, while bringing in comfort with plush textures.  This collection is available starting at $1,295.00.

Like I said..
All about the outdoors..

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Modern Contemporary Dining rooms...

Avant-Garde Home Furnishings, LLC présents

Modern Contemporary Dining rooms... 

Today I am sharing with all of you the secrets on how to make a great dining room.. Best tables, chairs, plates, etc,... These tips are sure to make your modern dining room a star among the rest.. Guests shall leave your home thinking how to make their dining rooms more like yours, Practical, useful, and beautiful... 

Enjoy the pics and post..

Wave Glass Extensible Dining Tables

The Wave Glass Extensible Dining Table is a charming piece of cool dining table sets. Experience a new style. With a very simple impressive Italian design the Wave Glass Extensible Dining Table is a superb envious dining table that has the power to grab some attention during many occasions. The elements have been placed proportionately and meaningfully in a pattern so as to present an absolutely stunning piece of contemporary extendable dining tables.

Zen Bar Cabinet and Wooden Buffet

Zen Bar Cabinet is fun stylish and functional all in-one. This Italian Furniture is comfortable and elegant to be placed in any room. Zen Wooden Buffet is charming assets that can decorate a room with utmost perfection and with a noticeable degree of elegance. Add style and function to your stylish dining room set with the Zen Wooden Buffet. Constructed from oak veneer frame with a unique Dark Walnut or Light Teawood finishes the Zen Wooden Buffet is a great piece to have in your home.

Charming Piece of Envious Dining Furniture

The Duo Dining Table is a charming piece of contemporary dining furniture. Experience a new style of modern dining with the table. With a very simple impressive design the Duo Dining Table is a superb envious dining table that has the power to grab some attention during many occasions. A designer dining table sets are more than just a place where you can eat it is also the place where communication takes place This table is perfect for having great dining parties and talks.

Curio Will Embellish your Dining Room

The Platinum Modern Curio is elegant for contemporary dining room set and features a timeless design. It features a wide frame made out of durable and high quality wood which is finished in wenge. The doors of the curio are constructed from glass which adds a graceful and eye catching quality to it is design. In addition to it is beauty the Platinum Modern Curio also optimizes it is storage space with three doors and three shelves to make sure that large quantities of different items can be safely kept within the curio. It is hard to find a piece ofmodern furniture that will fit perfectly in any part of the house.

Smooth and Shiny Dining Room Chairs

Bring formal dining room set right inside your home with the Nightfly Padded Chair. With its elegant glossy white,black or ebony finished frame,you can feel the ambiance of any high-end restaurant or cafe. The chair exhibits a flair of modern Italian art with its seat and back rest’s crocodile-patterned upholstery. The seat and the curved back rest of designer leather dining chairs are also padded to provide supreme comfort while you dine in style.

Bring Formal Nightfly Extendible Dining Tables

Bring formal dining room set right inside your home with the Nightfly Rectangular Table. With its elegant glossy white,black or ebony finish,you can feel the ambiance of any high-end restaurant or cafe. The patterned surface of this table is topped with clear tempered glass for protection. Its legs are uniquely designed and covered in crocodile-patterned leather to complete the modern dining tables sophisticated look.

Masterpiece Contemporary Dining Furniture
A must-have for every home that likes modern design, the Mirage Dining Table from the Rossetto Interni Collection is a cutting edge contemporary furniture piece. The table comprises of a thick clear glass top that rests on a wooden base. The base is an shaped unit with the added design of being rift cut oak either in veneer or hardwood in wenge (dark wood) finish. The table has satin steel accents giving a glimpse into a more futuristic style. This novel modern dining tables can be teamed with similar chairs with solid wood construction, rail backs and leather seats.

Beautiful Dining Room to Complement a Fabulous Interior Design

All beautiful homes need a beautiful Italian dining room set to complement a fabulous interior design. What better way is there to add the necessary beauty to your dining room than with some modern Italian furniture? The perfect addition to any modern dining room, which is brought to us by the furniture designers and manufacturers of Rossetto, is the Diamond Ivory Buffet. A unique and stylish way to present food, the Diamond Ivory Buffet is a wonderful piece ofcontemporary furniture that will settle well in any dining room setting.
Madrid and Tango Dining Tables

The Madrid Lacquered Modern Dining Tables from Soho Concept is available in an elegant rectangular shape and has minimalist design detailing. It comes with an oak, veneer or lacquer covered MDF table top which rests on solid, sleek chrome finished metal legs. The Madrid Lacquered Dining table can be used as a desk in a home office also. Soho Concept studio has designed the Tango Round Dining Table, which is simple, elegant, and functional. Thecontemporary dining table sets comes with refined design features such as its round chrome plated steel pedestal base.

Tips and secrets to modern dining room furniture.

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