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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A getaway in the heart of mid beach!!!

Avant-Garde Home Furnishings, LLC présents

A getaway in the heart of Mid Beach.... 

After being gone for a while from my official blog, I am coming back with a new series I am writing, featuring homes that stand out in the south Florida community. 

I was lucky enough to spend the day a few days ago with some really good friends, lucky guys that have created an oasis in the middle of mid beach, Miami Beach. This is a 1940's restored residence that is not only exquisite but a gem of a house - complete with sun roof, main entry room, and real 1920's-40's antique pieces, this is one of a kind home. 

Hope you enjoy the pics and post. 

The front outside of this beautiful house and the main room once you enter this home... Simply amazing.. It looks both cozy and very classy... it also feels like a home and is very functional 

Beautiful Sculptures all around this home are simply amazing

One of a kind antique pieces are common throughout the home as well

This beautiful piece is from the 1930's

The office area overlooks the beautiful pool

The exquisite dining room

But the true fantastic part of this home is the pool and sun deck located on the roof complete with artificial TURF AND AMAZING DECOR.. THESE TWO AREAS OF THE HOME are not only the most used, but the most functional. Please see pics below... 

Upstairs sun deck recreation area

Upstairs sun deck sitting artea

This vase is at the entrance outside of the entrance to the upstairs sun deck

And finally I will present pictures of the master bedroom, and front of this house. They have really created a beautiful oasis full of period details from the 1940's. 

The master bedroom 

The beautiful chandelier in the dining room

Master Bath

exquisite pieces from the 1930's 

And finally the front of the home, which is every inch as classy as the inside...

I would like to thank John and Scot, the owners of this beautiful home for letting me enjoy a day here.. 

Hope all of you enjoyed the blog post and pics... 

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