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We offer home furnishings and decor for every area of your home, both inside and out, always striving to bring you the most current design elements being used by today's top designers, at a fraction of their retail cost. Whether you are completely redecorating an area of your home, looking for the perfect accent piece to finish off an existing room, shopping for a unique gift, or simply "window shopping" to get design ideas, Avant-Garde is the place to go for everything for your modern & contemporary home. ​​

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Saturday, May 26, 2012

All about Wardrobes (Free standing) and other neat modern stuff..

Avant-Garde Home Furnishings, LLC présents

All about Wardrobes (Free standing) and other neat modern stuff..

Today I am talking about modern wardrobes that are free standing. So many of us are so use to the standard closet or walk in closet we forget about these huge free standing any size, shape, or material cabinets we can have custom built for any area of our bedrooms, office, or even living rooms. They are unique, usually wall sized, and very impactful and statement making within any design.. 

Enjoy the pics and post...

Unique Cabinet Design with Beveled Mirror by 


Take a look at this a unique cabinet design designed by Osko+Deichmann for Ligne Roset with the unusual shape. This cabinet has a beveled mirror as often be found in shoe stores. You do not need to walk away too far from the cabinet to check the shoes because the angle of the mirror has been carefully selected. The cabinet is perfect for complement minimalist modern interior decor in your home. It was a big advantage especially for the narrow corridor in which this cabinet is placed. It’s really an amazing design that is very easy to be combined with various interior decors that you have.
unique cabinet design Osko+Deichmann

These cabinets come in a very elegant white color and can make your room more stylish. The cabinets mainly designed for the entrance to the function that is inserted into an elegant piece of furniture. If you are happy to collect some shoes then this cabinet is perfect to decorate your room. Check the shoes before stepping out of the house will be easier and enjoyable with this cabinet. A very unusual design and you must have.
cabinet with beveled mirror Ligne Roset

Practical Minimalist Storage System Design with Sliding 

Door, Mobile Furniture by Raumplus

Looking for a place of storage for various items? Mobile furniture system is a very appropriate choice. It is a flexible storage designed by Raumplus and can be used as a wardrobe, dressing area for storing accessories and make-up, or a complete home office niche with small tables and shelves. Mobile furniture has a sliding door to make cabinets for storage of goods is very practical. You can see the style that is hidden from view when not in use or closed doors, really interesting and simple. This storage area is perfect to complement the modern minimalist room in your home.
minimalist storage system design by Raumplus

You can store the various components as much as you want and need for all the bits and bobs on this furniture. Mobile furniture system equipped with drawers, shelves, clothing racks and tables extended a very practical and flexible. It was a simple furniture design with a variety of functions that provide facilities to store various items at home. This is smart and stylish storage to make your room look neat and uncluttered. Visit Raumplus soon to learn more about this exciting design.
practical minimalist storage system Mobile
Mobile furniture system with sliding door
flexible storage system with simple design
modern minimalist storage system ideas
storage system design with small tables

Modern and Multi-Functional Wooden Wardrobe System, 

Elli by Sudbrock GmbH Möbelwerk

Plywood shaped and designed as a multi-functional and attractive design for use as furniture in your home. This is Elli wardrobe system designed by Sudbrock GmbH Möbelwerk with a simple and attractive design. Not only serves as a bench but can be used as elements of the wardrobe, hang clothes or put some of your stuff. This wardrobe system has several panels that can be used to store various objects with some space. An extraordinary design made from high quality wood polished and durable in your room. This wardrobe system comes in 9 attractive colors including white flowers, magnolia, the gray stone, quartz, black, Sienna, mocha, curry and pale blue.
modern wardrobe system Sudbrock GmbH Möbelwerk

Elli wardrobe system is equipped with a rectangular-shaped mirror and milled recesses serve to hook the hanger. There are metal racks and hooks used as a place to hang a few pieces of clothing or bags and put your cell phone. Metal rack on the bottom of the wardrobe system is useful as a place to store your shoes. This wardrobe system has a natural wood color that is perfect to complement contemporary or modern interiors. It’s really an interesting design that provides many benefits as a storage area inside your home. Learn more at Sudbrock GmbH Möbelwerk immediately about this multi-functional design.
multi functional wooden wardrobe system Elli
wooden wardrobe system with several panels
wardrobe with a rectangular mirror and metal racks

Dramatic Sliding Door Wardrobe with Integrated HD 

LCD, Dama Series by Presotto Italia

We previously not imagine how the beauty of luxury combined with technology to make high-quality interior devices. But what cannot be made by Presotto Italia? It all things that previously only dream of now you can focus on a cool and stylish solution for modern bedroom. Technical wardrobe saves lots of space combined HD LCD televisions placed in the middle door. Amazing and amazing, this is the perfect smart wardrobe with sliding doors are slim. You may be momentarily confused by the LDCs are nearly invisible wires, due entirely hidden in thick and 100mm sliding panel on the cabinet itself. Dama Collection contains tecnopolis sense for contemporary bedroom furniture, consisting of Dama_2, Dama_TV Silver and Dama_TV door. Absolutely not interfere with specific mechanisms and appear with elegant design. Features that cannot be missed is the gloss nero frac lacquered handles inserts, as this will make a lovely wardrobe and very unique.[Presotto Italia]
sliding door wardrobe with LDC HD Dama

hi-tech space saving wardrobe Dama TV silver
cables hidden in bedroom furniture shiny Dama TV door

New Deluxe Varius, Contemporary Walk-in Wardrobe with 

Glossy Sliding Doors and Folding Doors

Interior of modern bedroom are not just bedroom cabinets colors, this is more a solution that provides convenience in a very elegant style. PRESOTTO ITALIA make all perfectly integrated in a system that works through sliding rails for easy retrieval clothing wardrobe. No need to worry about the rail that is used, this is very qualified and do not cause noise when you open it. It is great to a system of sliding doors you will want to buy one of the best quality ever. Varius is futuristic walk-in-closet sliding doors with a natural glossy anodize aluminum frames and glazed glass. On the inside of the cloth hanger has been prepared minimalist design that does not take up much space. Feel convenient when you enter and walk around in it. It will take up more space, but very enjoyable even equipped pouf to sit at the feet and put the shoe. It will be similar to the glass wall of light bouncing if closed.
white minimalist wardrobe decor for corner bedroom interior designs

As for the Walk-in-closet sliding doors, there are striking differences by providing titanium finish aluminum frame and glass clear gray. Matt element is intended to be the center of attention. This tends to Modern white corner wardrobe. Create new ideas with Varius, and re-discover their preoccupations your bedroom decor. All work clothes, party dresses and accessories cupboard until you need is always available at the contents of the closet. Get more efficient place with multipurpose strategic arrangements of this product. Shelves will be nested without letting every inch is wasted without any use. PRESOTTO ITALIA offers luxury inspiration from in organizing your personal belongings. This is a special mechanism that gives taste of a new concept in managing a modern wardrobe.
contemporary walk-in-closet with glossy glass sliding doors
2011 beauty designs of modern bedroom Varius
modern folding doors wardrobes for apartment concept

Modern extraordinary wardrobe collection..

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Monday, May 21, 2012

A Bunch of modern things...

Avant-Garde Home Furnishings, LLC présents

A Bunch of modern things... 

Today i am sharing with all of you a bunch of really cool modern contemporary ideas that are sure to make all of you simply have some of the most innovative items or furniture in the world of modern contemporary design and style. These items are considered new and revolutionary and are among the newest items to be released. 

Hope all of you enjoy the pics and post..

Unique and Decorative Spiral Pendant Lamp Design, Spiro by Remedios Simon

Spiro Lamp designed by Remedios Simon to LZF with unique and different forms of lighting design generally. This lamp has a spiral that was placed on the inside and arranged to form a circle. A unique design that is able to create a style in the decor of any room in your home. You can hang this pendant lamp in the ceiling of the dining table or kitchen area. The pendant lamp is perfect to complement contemporary or modern interior decor in your home. Spiro lamps create a unique and exciting visual light when turned on.
decorative spiral pendant lamp design Spiro

Simon uses dozens of concentric wooden modules to create a smooth flow of spiral-shaped decorative light. This will let the light shine your inner creativity with their curved lines. The light is very easy to be combined with any variety of interior decoration in your home. This lamp is able to create the style in any space and invites eternal beauty. Spiro lamp is the perfect solution to inject into the unique style of interior decoration. Go to LZF for more detail.

unique pendant lamp by Remedios Simon

wooden lamp design with spiral shaped LZF


Wall-in-one Recycling Portable Workstation by Christian Nørgaard & Martin Kechayas

Not just a bulletin board hanging on the wall. It’s very multifunction, minimalist furniture modern architecture to be used for an office environment. Shown with futuristic concept contemporary furnishing, this covers all the ease to work with the LED screen computer and put some reference books on shelf above. This is design Christian Nørgaard & Martin Kechayas for office furniture in one frame. By working closely with Abstracta manufacture, make for cantilevers move in building interior furnishing. Not only combines simple bookcase with lockers for simple storage of deposition and board. Wall Ideas-in-one furniture can actually be applied not only to the interests of home offices, but also a public place which may require a practicality as a shop and mini market, lobby health room, doctor’s waiting room and place of ticket purchase until the schools in certain circumstances.
portable workstation and shelter minimalist design with wall panel

This is also kind of idea that does not close an open shelter you socialize with work colleagues, keeps you free to move, because the best man office chair can be adjusted. For business interests, all the cables in Wall-in-one integrated and concealed deliberately made in panel that has been provided. This is useful for easy maintenance, and keeps it tidy in the hanging wall. Utilizing recycled wood fiber material to the back plate, still beautiful and charming. While main part mold made of wood veneer or laminate compact, and given a blue solution. Because according Abstracta, this is also ultra modern notice board in formal office environment, the provision of sound effects necessary to rely very absorbent cloth covering the timber, then at the bottom are thin sheets of metal.

wall recycling furniture wall practical and modern to public interiors Wall In One

Contemporary Italian Kitchen White Cabinet Color, Diamond Kitchen Collection by Rosetto

A contemporary kitchen that uses a shiny white color, is identical with the luxurious modern kitchen, clean and elegant. This shiny clean kitchen cabinet is one of today’s kitchen collection from Italian companies, Rossetto. The company is designing a variety of modern furniture is part of Arros Group. They make a variety of household needs with exclusive designs of luxury. One of them is the design of kitchen cabinets below.

Diamond White luxurious kitchen cabinet design

Luxury contemporary kitchen can be seen from the color and design handle with Swarosky Diamond. All products are fully made in Italy, except Swarosky. Really this is a cabinet that is designed with true luxury and charm, giving the impression of shiny in the kitchen area. In addition to the bejeweled handle Swarosky, they also provide regular handle option which will surely affect the price offered. This modern cabinet is also available in an elegant black color. Visit Rosetto for more information.

luxurious kitchen cabinet with crystal handle swarosky

contemporary Italian kitchen cabinet white color

diamond handle kitchen cabinet design

 Modern contemporary home products 

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

modern trendy amazing ideas

Avant-Garde Home Furnishings, LLC présents

modern trendy amazing ideas....

Today I am sharing with all of you amazing trendy ideas that will make your home shine like no other. These are very original ideas that are sure to make your home unique among many.. It will be one in a million as these ideas are rarely put into practice as people go with the mainstream but slide a little off that path and you will find wonders in design ideas in the realm of modern contemporary home decor, furniture, and interior designs..

Enjoy the pics and post...

Awesome and Unique Glass Tiles with Beautiful Design 

by Vetocolor

Vetocolor Italy brings a beautiful design to decorate tiles and panels in your home with wonderful decor. This is a stylish glass tiles are able to create beauty in interior decoration in the room. You can create beauty with glass tiles in bathroom and kitchen, shower walls, worktops, partitions, cladding or other rooms. The glass tiles are very suitable remedy complement modern or contemporary decor in your home. A remarkable design that is very easy to be adapted to any interior variety. They are able to provide a new atmosphere in any room and bring the timeless beauty of your home.
unique glass tiles with beautiful design

These glass tiles come in a wide range of attractive colors to choose from to suit the tastes of the interior. You can also choose your own about the patterns and shapes to create design ideas that you want. The glass tiles to create a force on the decor and make your room more elegant. Really sleek, glossy and beautiful that can make your dreams come true with the tile design. Pour the great ideas you have for creating lasting beauty in any room with a beautiful glass tiles. Go to the Vetrocolor for more information.
awesome and nique glass tiles design
glass tiles glossy with wonderful decor
elegant glass tiles ideas by Vetocolor
modern glass tiles with attractive colors
sleek and glossy glass tiles design
wonderful and glossy glass tiles design
interesting glass tiles ideas Vetocolor
beautiful glass tiles design by Vetocolor

Innovative and Unique Glass Partition with Recycled by 


Look at how amazing and incredible design of this a glass partition, it’s designed by Poesia and can be recycled. This decorative a glass partition that are resistant to all kinds of weather and this is more amazing that is scratch resistant glass partition. They designed this glass partition with artistic designs and made by highly skilled experts. This glass partition is very suitable to be placed in the living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and even in your garden. Here is artistic design that is great for dividing spaces and increases the privacy in your room. This product will give a touch of beauty in your home and make the room classier.
glass partition with decorative design Poesia

This is a unique design that can enhance your interior and it will be perfect as a modern home interiors. It is glass partition which consists of pieces of decorative glass that provides timeless beauty to any room. This glass partition glass comes in original colors or a combination of colored glass that you can choose according to your interior taste. Poesia really understand how to makes innovative and creative design so as to produce an outstanding product. Develop your imagination and give your interior a touch of beauty with this awesome design from Poesia.
decorative glass partition design for modern home
amazing glass partition design with scratch resistant
artistic glass partition designs resistant of weather
unique glass partition combination of colored glass
innovative glass partition with original colors

Minimalist Modern Glass Door with Satin Glass 

Chemical Processes by Vitrealspecchi

There is an elegant glass door design with a special processing technique that produces high quality products. It was designed by Vitrealspecchi glass door with satin glass chemical processes for finishing and decorating. Beautiful etched glass door acid with specialization in mirror which a special incorporates engineering works and patented Madras. It has glass door detail perfection, fingerprint resistant and very easy to clean. Glass doors come with various types of patterns that you can choose according to taste to complement your modern home interior design. It has detailed design and subtle touches with sleek metal rails that give the advantage of industry and gives ease of installation.
modern glass door with satin glass chemical processes

This glass door is the perfect solution to separate the space and maintain privacy and it’s very easy to match with any design. Have a minimalist patterns and motifs that are ideal for all types and all sizes of room ambience. All glass doors are designed with international safety standards that can provide comfort and have a high quality. This door has a thickness of up to 10 mm and design both in terms of sensory effects or light transmission. Modern design that offers a long term solution and you can use for a room in the house or office space. Check out Vitrealspecchi for more information about this exciting product.
elegant glass door design with a special technique
beautiful etched glass door with various types
glass door with minimalist patterns and motifs Vitrealspecchi
glass door designed with international safety standards

Spectacular Modern Acoustics 3D Wallpapers, 

Thermoformed Wallpapers by Elitis

It’s not easy to create graphics on the wall became visible prominent and 3D shape. It requires remarkable creativity with great idea so that ultimately this innovative wallpaper can be created. Motifs are trendy and never existed before, become typical characteristic and the main attraction so that these products fall into the category of superior home accessories. No one has previously marketed there is a new generation of wall coverings for elegant home town. Elitist offers touch of contemporary unconventional thick with a durable material. This is an ultra modern wallpaper thermoformed with fine geometric lines that reveal a visual form repeatedly and very interesting.
smart ideas of new generation home town wall coverings

3D effects can be shown because the material is specially chosen and performed by seven drawings, and three techniques are combined at the same time a remarkable product: it is on non-woven backing, with jersey fabric coating placed on the foam, then «thermo-formed »with special molds that produce a variety of patterns and motifs are beautiful. Another beauty is the wallpaper thermoformed material that is easy to hang, even you could have a little thicker or thinner which will be adjusted. Elite exhibit exceptional acoustic wallpaper has some kind of series as follows: Vases are in the making collaboration with Rosaria Rattin, and Botanica repeat patterns of flowers and leaves with size-125cm W x 84.5 cm L. Écrin that uses polyester satin pleats on non-woven backing, while Joyaux with large lace-like pattern. For those of you who like the steady sound without disturbing others want, then Beyond thick wallpaper to give efficacy to set the music with the speakers in the room. Elitis
wallpaper with 3d effect thermoformed elitis
wallpaper with cloth upholstery and printed jersey special
3D retro motif wallpaper with trendy and unique
elegant dark wallpaper with ancient unusual ornament
matte innovative wallpaper for luxurious living room interior
minimalist wallpaper concept for apartment living room
wallpaper thermoformed shiny with bright blue colors and Botanica motifs
geometric pattern wallpaper design contemporary vase with additional visual
acoustic wallpaper for studio music with wall charts and contrast

Absolutely amazing wall papers, wall coverings, glass dividers, and doors, small details often overlooked but that can make aa huge impact on the overall look of your modern home..

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