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Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years Day...

New Years Day Miami...

Here in Miami it was not about new years Eve but more about New Years day.. New Years eve I spent working and fell asleep around 3:00 AM until I was woken up by my Best Friend Ore, who informed me he was ready to party... 

The party was at mansion in South Beach.. It was the most amazing party ever. I went with two of my best friends and we got there at 8:45 AM. The place was dead we were practically the only ones there but of course being that this was the first time we had gone out in a long time we decided to stay..

10:30 - Still almost the only ones there we decided to go upstairs to the second level... 

11:00 - The  place started to fill up quickly and by 11:30 it was packed with people so we went back upstairs.. and then back to the main floor where we danced like crazy until almost 6:00 PM-- YES 6PM.. and when we left, YES the place was still super packed and crowded. Incredible.. It was an unbelievable night where th music and lights seemed to almost be joined as one.. The club, the largest in the South Beach club district was an old auditorium and the dance floor is in what use to be the main room.. It was an upstairs area that use to hold the balcony seating areas fully stocked with an upstairs dance floor and another side room with dance floor on the first level ajasent the main room.. 

The club has what seems to be endless rooms, bars, bathrooms, and the lighting system and screens that can rival any club within the United States...  

The DJ was Tracy Young, a miami native and performances by Deborah Cox.. The night turned out to be a huge success and I can't help but remember what the person a the door told us about the 100 dollar cover to get in.. Its expensive but back in June tickets were only 40.00 - (I will have to remember this) but trust me you will have a night to remember.. 

We we definitely did... It was a great night that ended at 7:00 PM when we finally left... It was crazy...

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