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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Miami.. Simply a modern contemporary, trendy, & stylish city...


As I show friends of mine that are in town the sites and sounds of Miami, I can';t stop thinking how much this city has grown in the past 10 years.. From a downtown that no one dared venture out at night, a Biscayne Blvd, Miami's downtown main artery stretching from Brickell to Miami Shores, so full of drug pushers and prostitutes no one traveled on this road, and crime so elevated, people always talked about this city in a negative crime infested waste.

Fast forward ten years and what do we have now.. A downtown full of residenial developments that is thriving with an entertainment districk, restaurant districts in Bayside, Brickell Village, and the city nightlife section, the city has a new arena, stadium, and Performing arts center, all of Biscayne Blvd has been completely remodeled and has sprung various entertainment areas, the Miami Design district has been revitalized int an arty community, and the cities future looks bright as ever with more and more development and business moving back from the areas they had abandoned long ago.. 

With change a new wave of young hip people have moved in and all buildings being build and most houses being built are being built in the modern contemporary style, giving Miami a new facelift and also making it the showplace for many of the new designs in both architecture and interior design in the modern contemporary style of design. 

Yesterday while riding in my car, I stopped and took a few pictures for al of you to enjoy of the sites and sounds of Miami, Miami Beach, and the Downtown. I hope all of you enjoy these fantastic pictures of what I believe to be one of the most modern cities in the United States, one that full of fashion, style, and is at the forefront of current and upcoming trends, a city that changes with the times and flows with the attitudes of the day.

The Wind Condominium Downtown Miami Riverfront...

The Miami Beach new Symphony World Headquarters

The Miami Performing Arts Center...

New Shopping Center as you enter Miami Beach...

 Miami's Liberty Tower lit up at night with a nice deep blue

Miami Beach Lincoln Road... 

The American Airlines Arena

As all of you have seen the sites and sounds of Miami, Miami Beacgh and thge entre Miami-Dade County are all very modern comntemporary and are very trendy and stylish and tend to shift and flow with the thinkin of the times.. Let me know what all of you think..

Hope all of you enjoyed the pictures..

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