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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Puma Store, Wine Racks, & Sex in the city Style....

Puma Store, Wine Racks, & Sex in the city Style....

Today I am writing about a few things, the new Puma store in Boston which I absolutely love, modern wine racks, and showing off Sex in the City stars show/movie apartments which can be the epitome of modern apartments in the New York City area..
Enjoy the pics and post...

New Puma Store in Boston..
Seeing as how Boston is in the middle of a couple of very exciting playoff games, I thought it would be best to bring up a sports related modern design idea that has graced our historic streets over the past couple of weeks. PUMA is taking a similar branding approach to Chanel’s Contemporary Art Container by bringing buzzworthy architecture to a number of locations across the world. While setting up this campaign, the new PUMA Sailing Collection is being promoted alongside the Volvo Ocean Race that started in September of last year. Until May 16th, Boston will be hosting Puma’s 11,000 square-foot structure which is constructed of twenty-four steel shipping containers and includes a retail store, bar, and hardwood dance floor, making this the hottest event venue of the year!

PUMA Store

cool wine racks

Last weekend I went to the Boston Wine Expo for my second year in a row and I couldn’t believe the enormous crowd that attended! For me, the idea of traveling the world of vineyards in one afternoon is amazing and I couldn’t have asked for a better event. Even though I’ve had my fair share of wine, I began to really appreciate the work and expertise behind making each bottle when I lived in Spain for six months. For them, wine is just as important as the food. Gustavo, one of the Chilean wine reps at the Expo couldn’t have had a better response when I asked what his favorite wine at the table was: “Your choice of wine depends on the food, the mood, and the company.”

Wine is a beautiful thing and it never goes out of style which is why adding in a unique wine rack for your kitchen or bar area is a smart investment. I know I’ve touched on the topic of wine racks before but I felt the need to highlight a new collection that I pulled together. Cheers!

Knot Wine Rack, $110

Knot Wine Rack

Wave Wine Rack, $58
Chiasso Wave Wine Rack

Crate & Barrel Shesham Wine Rack, $24.95
Crate and Barrel Shesham Wine Rack

Sex in the city Style

If you love style, you probably already waited in a long line at the theater - arm in arm with 6 of your girl friends - to see Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte strut their stuff in New York City like it was their own personal runway! The Sex and the City girls, especially Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker), have become fearlessly fashionable trend-setters. They have have nearly single-handedly made top designers, like Manolo, household names.

It's time we open the door to these Sex and the City style icons' apartments so you can copy their clothes and their home designs! Miranda and Samantha seem to have the most modern apartments of the 4 girls, while Charlotte's apartment has more traditional elements. Carrie, of course, has a style that is as eclectic as her personality! From the looks of her closet, it's apparent that she's more interested in displaying her style through her clothes, rather than her home!

Miranda's Apartment:
Sex and the City Apartments, MirandaSex and the City Apartments, MirandaSex and the City Apartments, MirandaSex and the City Apartments, MirandaSex and the City Apartments, Miranda
Samantha's Apartment:
Sex and the City Apartments, SamathaSex and the City Apartments, SamanthaSex and the City Apartments, SamanthaSex and the City Apartment, Samantha
Charlotte's Apartment:

Sex and the City Apartments, CharlotteSex and the City Apartments, CharlotteSex and the City Apartments, CharlotteCarrie's Apartment:

Sex and the City Apartments, CarrieSex adn the City Apartments, CarrieSex and the City Apartments, CarrieSex

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