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Avant-Garde is an online retailer of modern contemporary home furniture & decor items feraturing household furniture for every room in your home, outdoor patio furniture and featured product collections.​​

We offer home furnishings and decor for every area of your home, both inside and out, always striving to bring you the most current design elements being used by today's top designers, at a fraction of their retail cost. Whether you are completely redecorating an area of your home, looking for the perfect accent piece to finish off an existing room, shopping for a unique gift, or simply "window shopping" to get design ideas, Avant-Garde is the place to go for everything for your modern & contemporary home. ​​

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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Avant-Garde moves in and on to regular business...

Avant-Garde moves in and on to regular business...

Avant-Garde Home Furnishings,  finally completely in its home office location.. is moving ahead with plans to open up its Showroom sometime in Mid-March or Early April 2012. Avant-Garde after selling almost 45,000 in December is ready to tackle many of the problems and issues with an opening of any retail location. The only hang-up was Steuben, whose products (90%) shipped fine but approx 10% of them are either still pending, unknown status, or simply no communication from Steuben, a problem hopefully rectified by Monday since a handful of customers are still waiting on orders purchased. This is the reason this company probably went under, customer service was the worst... 

Here are some pics from our new office... 

Well by next year's retail season hopefully we will have many shoppers in our retail establishment which will be located at the Oasis off Biscayne and 79th Street. We have worked very hard ingesting this building ready for a retail store and now it looks absolutely great (pictures in my next posting for all of you to see) with beautiful gardens, walking mini trails, hammocks to sit in, and water features to simply enjoy.. 

Check out our Beautiful Courtyard.. and Bamboo Gardens...

Already the home to Avant-Garde, Beauty Alchemy Inc, and Edward Saunders Photography, the building hopes to attract other tenants as well... Stay tuned for more news on The Oasis...

Avant-Garde in its post Christmas sale will lower OUR ALREADY LOWEST PRICES, by 10% all featured collection products with the exception of Steuben, which is no longer available... Check out our huge selection and bargain prices for the following high end collections..

Future Showroom Location: Avant-Garde


Come check them out today and I promise no one will be disappointed at our product offerings on these collections that we feature.. We have also simplified our site, added many products, and created descriptions that are very detailed to help our customers understand the products that they wish to buy.. 

As we sit in our new offices we look forward with anticipation our growth as a company and to find and develop better ways to better serve our customer's needs since they are our top priority.. 

And always remember.... at Avant-Garde....


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