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Monday, September 17, 2012

Avant-Garde Home Furnishings, LLC présents

How it hurts to loose a dog...

This past week I thought I was going to die.. While taking a trip to northern Florida I left my friend in charge of my place. When I got back and I dont know who it was; weather it was my friend watching the place or the two I got back with when I returned from my trip of one day to Northern Florida but my 8 year old beautiful dog MIA, had vanished. 

Later that night I reralized that my precious little dog was missing and I was a wreck for the next week. I looked for her everywhere, posted flyers of her all over the neighborhood, would go out everyday, morning, afternoion, and evening around the area she had been spotted. And all my searches seemed to be in vain as I simply could not find her. Everyday for 5 days I returned heartbroken from my search.

Then one afternoon I got a call from a couple claiming they had her and I was so ecstatic that I almost urinated in my pants.. At last I would get my 8 year old small dog, which is like my daughter back. I was shocked to find out that this was not my dog and again went out and looked for her.. Oh my god I was begining to get desperate and just wonder if I ever would see her again..

I continued my search another day and I got a call from a humane society official and she wanted a picture and wanted me to post on Craig list. She was very helpful and within one day I got a call from the humane society that they had what appeared to be my dog so I ran down to the Humane society and to my delight and just emotional reuniting with my dog, I couldn't believe it.. I was in tears and even the paper wrote something on me and took a picture..

Unfortunately she had beet hit by a car, nothing major but she had some bruises and a bruised eye, although she is now ok, has a microchip attached to herself so that she never gets lost again, and has updated tags around her collar, given graciously by the Humane society which I totally have found new love for.

This organization is top notch, the way care for the animals, paid the three dollar operation on  Mia, and got her safely back to me which in the end was a miracle. After countless nights of searching I finally had my dog back home safe and sound. Its amazing how close we become to our pets and how much they become a part of our lives. I also have a Yorkie, which is always happy and they grew up together so the separation must of been hard on him as well..

Oh well all is well that end well.. Both are doing fine and playing as if nothing had happened, this could not have been possible if it were not for the Dade County Humane Society, who took care of my dog, gave her free medical care, and made sure to return her to her rightful owners

If any of you wish to donate to this wonderful organization please get in touch with them, they could use the money and resources to ensure that rescues and reuniting of pets and their rightful owners continue for many years to come.

And if you want to donate money to this great organization

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