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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

30 Modern Bathroom Design Ideas For Your Private Heaven

Avant-Garde Home Furnishings, LLC présents

15 or so  Modern Bathroom Design Ideas For Your Private 


Today I am throwing out there some bathroom design ideas for all of you to think about.. There are many different types of bathroom designs all designed for specific types of homes.. Take a look and let me know what you think..

Bathrooms are spaces that we use everyday, so their importance is far greater than we give it credit for. From bright and cheery to sophisticated and imposing, modern bathrooms have long gone beyond the limit of space. Creative solutions for small bathrooms have completely changed the way we look at spaces, while the endless design possibilities for spa-like environments have surpassed our wildest dreams. In between, details transform dull bathrooms into fantastic relaxation and refreshing spaces.

When your home displays vaulted cathedral ceilings in the master bedroom and porcelain floors throughout, you know you’re surrounded by high quality and ask nothing less than that in the bathroom, too. This is one of the four bathrooms in the Elysium Penthouse located in the Grace Tower building in Vancouver. It flaunts a free-standing bathtub right next to the window overlooking the city, so that a bubble bath is a sensory and visual experience.

When your bathroom employs a natural color palette backed up by warm materials, relaxing baths are surely part of your routine. With a modern rustic appeal, the bathroom shown above makes use of wood to create a pleasant ambiance basked in natural and artificial light. If you’re looking to get the best use of space in your bathroom, try using mirrors, good lighting and a monochromatic palette that can balance a small bathroom.

Showcasing a crisp interior design, this modern bathroom is part of the 813 Laurel Avenue House. Within a luxurious home like this one, the bathroom had to be spacious and induce a feeling of openness. The wall acting as a background for the freestanding tub was not only painted dark, but also fitted with a window that frames the natural outdoors – that’s an interesting idea to apply in your own large bathroom to add character.

Making the most of your bathroom requires careful planning before inspiring decorating. An efficient layout stabilizes the overall appeal, leaving room for moving around freely, as we can see in the Mandeville Canyon Residence‘s bathroom above. Use a practical bathroom layout guide to help you define the areas in your bathroom that necessitate attention so that you can enjoy the results with no regrets.

Luxury bathrooms like the one in this stunning Aspen home is an example for those of you who aspire to live in a sumptuous environment. Contemporary bathroom design is made up of carefully chosen details, colors and textures and defined by the use of space and light.

When your home is a chalet-inspired modern villa in Madrid, the bathroom conveys a sense of luxurious relaxation. Greenery makes the space more welcoming, while the bathtub is basked in natural light coming through a floor-to-ceiling window.

Modern spaces that inspire our own fantasies of what a bathroom should be like are only a click away. The contemporary bathroom seen in the elegant Punta Brava 2 Residence merges a spa-like environment with finely crafted details and glimpses of an outdoor green area that balances intimacy and openness.

Moving on to a more minimalist bathroom design, this warm and inviting bathroom seems defined by the presence of French oak both on the floor and the ceiling. Part of the Naramata cabin, it showcases the use of wood as a softening element and manages to “achieve a sense of simple luxurious comfort, that feels curated rather than designed”.

Inspiration can come from all sort of sources. Displaying all things needed to leave this room refreshed, the luxury Malimbu Cliff vacation villa in Indonesia flaunting this modern bathroom was imagined as a cheery space that provokes you to leave worries behind.

Finding the perfect tiles for your bathroom could mean the difference between kitsch and luxury. Seen on Fap Ceramiche, the exemplary bathroom above transposes us into a world of perfection, where colors and patterns collide to shape an inspiring bathroom design.

Wood can completely transform your bathroom. This has been proven not only by South African Metropole Architects, who imagined the Albizia House as having a comfortable bathroom mirroring the design seen in the rest of this amazing residence. The carefully planned bathroom looks as inviting as a living space – isn’t that something you would want in your own home?

Wood and brown hues compose an almost surreal comfort zone enhanced by the use of a frameless mirror that runs the length of the raw wooden basin support. Photographed by Rachel Lewis, this monochromatic modern bathroom is a provocative example of today’s design possibilities.

Overlooking nearby Lake Tahoe in Nevada, the bathroom in the impressive dark-skinned Lake House seen above provokes our senses and inspires our minds. This spacious private room displays a large shower area dressed in glass and a free-standing bathtub so that the owners can choose between a quick shower and a long bath while enjoying panoramic views over treetops and the sparkling lake.

When your home is a luxurious Penthouse in Budapest, high-quality materials and perfectly fitted details come with the territory. Deep chocolate hues employed in the apartment were also used to create a sense of belonging and comfort in the bathroom.

This spacious bathroom is found on the French Riviera, in the beautiful Villa in Cap Ferrat. A fresh design and good lighting create a sense of cleanliness. Storage underneath the sink was ingeniously continued to shape a powder table and a round stool was fitted underneath. Hope all of you enjoyed the post and pics.. Until next time.. 

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