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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 4 sailing to Miami from Daytona through Indian River...

Sealed up tightly last night during the rain storm

Boat Issues one after another...

I am the first to admit I hate giving up and forced to quit but in this case there was no other option. After countless tries at repairing the engine and getting to sail nothing.. Besides some business we attended to to while here we have remained in the same port, at the same dock for the 4 days we have been gone..BOY what a giant .. I don't even want to say it.. There was no mosquito swamp, no Indian River, no everglades, not even the start of the engine or lifting or releasing (I am no Sailor) of the sails, no NOTHING.. Actuall there was a lot of heat and thunderstoms, and muggy nights... You know come to think about it, this really sucked... 

Our organized Kitchen

Carpeting we purchased

Writing my blogs

Tonight before we left

Looking toward the sleeping quarters

Our little Fan friends from Wal-Mart

No in all honesty we worked hard to bring the ship around. We installed water tanks, carpet, fixed the sleeping chambers, built an engine from three other old ones that I felt were garbage but we managed to do it. Well Jessica Hale managed to do it.. You see she knows everything about boats and boat engines, and how to take them apart, put them back together and work miracles.. I have no clue what she did, how she managed, or for that matter why she insisted we wait.. But she is the Captain and what they say goes... She worked all day above and I cleaned up below and made sure the quarters became livable.. It took what seemed like hundreads of trips to Wal-Mart for supplies

I bought everything from [plastic bins, to cabinet organizers, to my best friend contact paper that works miracles when you need a quick non-permanent fix.. Bought spotlights, nightlights, and everything needed and the little boat now actually looks livable. 

While Jessica worked I just sat below complained about the heat and played with Kiva or the 10 year Macaw who took an instant liking to me and insisted on sleeping with me every night.. Can you imagine what its like to be waken up by a huge screech of a bird because you leaned over to the side to much.. no matter I quickly learned to sleep on my back and her on my stomach.. no more issues or me thinking this killer bird was about to pluck my eyes out.. In all kidding aside she is the cutest bird you have ever seen, she lays on your belly and puts her head on your chest only to fall asleep between your arms or upper shoulder not moving a wisp throughout the night... She loves nuts and beries and will love you forever and be content to sit on your shoulders for as long as you will have her.. 

Getting back to the ship, we finished all major repairs with the exception of the engine and are headed back to Miami tonight to grab some things and return in the morning and maybe then sometime Thursday afternoon or Froiday morning we will finally be on our way to Mosquito Lagoon and Indian River Florida, for our exciting trek to Miami..imagine if all this has happened before we even left imagine what adventure and excitement awaits us as we cross into mosquito lagoon.. Maybe I won't come back from Miami and just.... Well stay tuned but I know I will be back as I have a date with Mosquito Lagoon...

Enjoy these pictures of Kiva, my new best friend a 10 Year old Macaw who is super intellegent and if your evef in a dark Marina at night like I was when Jessica went again to Wal-Mart to get supplies and hear a noise and all of the sudden hear Kiva say Hello, guess what, it scares the hell out of you.. I jumped higher then a kite jumping through the air.. Just a little some thing to make all of you laugh

To be continued.......

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