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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sailing to Miami Day 3- A ray of Hope and better conditions

Day 3: Sunshine & Hope - Things get better.. 

So day 3 started off much better after what appeared to be a bad end of day two. Jessica was crying due to the fact that the engine seemed unrepairable and after spending all day trying to fix it she had a really bad sunburn badly, I mean really badly. She was completely over it. After Wal-mart we had dinner and I was so tired I passed out with in two minutes of hitting the sack. It was a long tiresome day for both of us. One with intense heat and disappointing endings.  

Inside the cabin as you enter the sleeping chambers

Today things seemed much better as I woke up. I had a great unexpected night's rest due to our new fans from Wal-mart. Our mosquito nets worked miracles and our citronella candle was fantastic. We bought plastic bins and organized the place and the musty old smell turned into a citrus orange as we bought gelling spray fresheners and spray as well. Bought new carpets for the floor and all of the sudden the little boat looked like something different. No longer hot and humid with a musty air but nice, comfortable due to us using the fans with a combination water ice bowl that made the air blow through them instantly giving us a refreshing cool air inside. With 4 fans we thought we were in heaven and so started our laziest after noon yet. I actually slept from 3:00-6:00 and woke up just minutes ago.

Our Traveling Companion Kiva a 10 yr old Macaw
But still no engine means we will be driving down to Miami tomorrow to get a few things and run a few errands before we attempt this trip again.. At least I think. I still have to talk to Jessica, who alongside me is munching away at chips with dip. Hopefully she will have good news on our departure from this lazy old town called Smirna Beach where it seems 7:00 is the closing time for everything as downtown is deserted after 8:00 PM with not a single person in sight and it seems everyone even in their homes are sleeping for you see no light coming from inside. New concept for me coming from Miami, or the city that never sleeps.

Fresh Fruit in the cabin

Radios for emergencies and other First Aid Stuff

 So finally tonight the engine is being worked on and it looks like we will be ready to go.. Finally good news from our little sailboat.. Stay tuned for our actual voyage.. Finally I Hope.. 

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