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Friday, July 22, 2011

Unusual homes that are unique and worth talking about...

Unusual Homes

Every once in a while we see homes that are so unusual and unique we have to share. Well thats the case today.. These next few homes are so unusual, some more then others I have to share.. Some are actually very stunning and in my opinion perfect examples of how versatile the design style modern contemporary can really be and how diverse and far reaching this style actually has become..

The are some picture of The Most Unique and unusual Home Designs that I could find on the net, you can choose your favorite unique homes in the group and comment if you wish and let me know which ones are your favorites or the ones you least like and why.. I will be happy to hear from all of you...

Enjoy the following pictures...

Black Pyramid House 
by Suppose Design 

Black Pyramid House by Suppose Design Office

Black Pyramid House Interior Design

Black Pyramid House was designed by Suppose Design Office,  located in Saijo, Japan, inspired by the earliest house in Japanese architecture called pit dwelling or “tateana jukyo”. The site which was formerly an open field was excavated and the house was sunk a meter into the ground. The soil from excavations was used to create a protective barrier around the perimeter of the site, and acted as the organic base of the house.via

Unique and Unusual 
House Design from
Antonino Cardillo

Unique and Unusual House Design from Antonino Cardillo

The Modern Unique House was design by Antonino Cardillo that located at near Barcelona, Spain. The unique shape from the landscape it’s suitable for you have a different lifestyle, Look at the interior pictures, full of curves, each of his structures that I’ve seen have these swooping, gentle curves, and it’s so soothing. Your eyes want to follow the lines. You can see the floor plan pictures if you would like to see the detail view. Stunning house design that have an incredible views in each room. via

Nautilus House is Fun 
and Unique

Nautilus House is Fun and Unique

Nautilus House Interior

Nautilus House is Fun and Unique, A build like a snail shell at Mexico City, Nautilus House so beautiful and fun. Its suitable for family house with small children or the couple who like a something unique. This house inspiring of imagination and story tell with technique involving a frame of steel-reinforced chicken wire with a special two-inch-thick composite of concrete spread over it, resulting in a structure that’s earthquake-proof and maintenance-free. The roof concept of spiral stairs and inside the house there is planting that makes you the inhabitants and feeling a snail. So fun and amazing.

Japanese Shell 

Japanese Shell House

Japanese Shell House was design by Japanese architecture firm Artechnic, is simply breathtaking. You will find the Shell House located deep in the woods of Karuizawa, Japan, where its double-elliptical, shell-like shapes blend with its magnificent surroundings.
The Shell House is made of reinforced concrete and wood, offering vast wooden decks and floor to ceiling windows. I simply love how its large, spacious living areas easily flow with its unique, circular architecture design.

My favorite 
House of All:
This next home is my favorite house of all time. I like it better then anything I have posted on here up to now and if I had a choice my house would look exactly like this one.. Its a perfect blend of bright, comfortable, natural surroundings, with modern contemporary style, design, and very modern furniture... I absolutely love it and I want all of you to appreciate it as well.. 

Set high in the Sierra Madre mountain range, the Torres House seeks to establish an intimate contact with the natural environment in which it is located. Discreetly open towards the street, the house is accessed by crossing over a fountain from which a huge oak tree emerges, impressive both for its size and its beauty. Once on the porch, a grand mural-like door -constructed of marble, wood and steel- welcomes the visitor. Inside, the entry hall merges into an area of contrasting materials consisting of Santo Tomas marble and volcanic stone walls. From this area there is a visual continuity with the rest of the house and with the garden that was left in its natural state as a small oak forest. In the living room, conceived almost as a glass box, one can experience the view to the Sierra Madre peaks in the distance and the garden near by. Owing to its location within the mountain, where winters can get really cold, there is a fireplace for the family to gather around in the evenings. From the dining room and the media room, one can access the roof terrace and enjoy the splendid views of the Sierra Madre as well as of the city of Monterrey. Here the musical background of the sounds of nature is in sharp contrast to the roar of the city below.

Contemporary Torres House - Exterior
Contemporary Torres House - Exterior

Contemporary Torres House - Living Room Design
Contemporary Torres House - Living Room Design

Contemporary Torres House - Fireplace Design
Contemporary Torres House - Fireplace Design

Contemporary Torres House - Stair Design
Contemporary Torres House - Stair Design

Contemporary Torres House - Outdoor Stair
Contemporary Torres House - Outdoor Stair

Contemporary Torres House - Amazing Lighting
Contemporary Torres House - Amazing Lighting

Contemporary Torres House - Exterior
Contemporary Torres House - Exterior

Absolutely amazing.. What a beautiful modern home design with modern kitchen, modern bathroom, modern living room, and modern bedrooms.. The staircase is stunning and so is the main entrace color wall with the red, white, and black squares.. 
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