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Avant-Garde is an online retailer of modern contemporary home furniture & decor items feraturing household furniture for every room in your home, outdoor patio furniture and featured product collections.​​

We offer home furnishings and decor for every area of your home, both inside and out, always striving to bring you the most current design elements being used by today's top designers, at a fraction of their retail cost. Whether you are completely redecorating an area of your home, looking for the perfect accent piece to finish off an existing room, shopping for a unique gift, or simply "window shopping" to get design ideas, Avant-Garde is the place to go for everything for your modern & contemporary home. ​​

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Modern Contemporary Miami, Home of Avant-Garde Home Furnishings, LLC

Miami, A beautiful modern, contemporary city...

The now famous American Airlines Arena

At Avant-Garde Home Furnishings, where we specialize in everything modern & contemporary for your home, we are so lucky that we call Miami our home base. This is a fast paced city where the words Modern, Contemporary are just about every-where that you turn. From buildings, to homes, to condos to just about every corner of this city you find that the style of choice in this modern city is minimal modern contemporary with accent pieces of other styles and of course Art Deco, the home grown movement back in the day but even all those places have transformed themselves on the inside as beautiful glamorous modern contemporary inter designs and now we have places like the Ritz, Sagamore, Delano, who are still very much art deco on the outside but a totally different world inside. It seems all these places now compete with one another to see who gets the better designs in the style we call Modern, contemporary...

Biscayne Blvd Buildings 

Everyday new items such as  modern faucets, modern sinks, modern cabinets, modern furniture come into the market place but with so many new and exciting modern contemporary furniture stores here in Miami, Avant-Garde has a real front row seat to see all the new creative designs come out and which ones actually catch on before the rest of the country dos and really gives them a good perspective on what to expect about certain items. For example anytime a PRODUCT COMES OUT AND YOU SEE IT show up on the design interiors of famous hotels like the Delano, Ritz, Lowes, then you know it will be big.

These places have made and broken designers for being good and getting in the door and of course for being bad and not making it which sends their careers spiring down. These guys present the new standard in the modern contemporary design world and Miami is full of these types of places. Take the Icon on Brickell, the W on Miami Beach, the renovated Eden Roc Hotel, Fountain Bleu Hilton, all of which switched from more traditional designs of the past and revamped themselves into a more current modern contemporary feel. These places from the outside look just as beautiful as they did back in the 60';s but on the inside they are a new modern world of modern kitchens, bathrooms, furniture pieces, accent pieces, bedding, living rooms, unlike anything we had back then. They are all now minimalist designs where less seems to be better and hardwood floors and modern area rugs have taken the place of old grand marble floors, where old grand banister staircases have been replaced by new glass and steel minimal and very clean cut modern wonders.

Heading into downtown on the freeway looking at the new Wells Fargo Tower

Miami can do this because in terms of age just like Avant Garde Home Furnishings, LLC, is very young, energetic in its youth and population, trendy, and determined to maintain its lead in the modern world as the city that designers come to to be made. We at Avant-Garde also fit this profile. It is our stated goal to have the best cutting edge products at the best prices and with the best quality. We strive to be the Miami of the furniture world.. One step ahead and always new and exciting.. We already have a big advantage.. Miami is our doorstep and everything modern contemporary comes through here allowing us to glimse at new designs, ideas and concepts long before they are made public for you see Miami has become a showplace for this type of design and is reflected in everything that is newly built or renovated.

Miami's modern contemporary tolls 

The new Marlins Stadium is a modern wonder with automated bathrooms, automated modern faucets, toilets, gadgets, and everything in between and its design and retractable roof are the definition of modern contemporary style and design. The Performing arts center downtown Miami, The performing arts center on Miami Beach, all have been completely redone by famous architects like IM Pei in the modern, contemporary world, all with their own unique feel and appearance all with a very Miami attitude and feel about them unifying this city under the modern contemporary umbrella. Then there is the American Airlines Arena which closes the deal with its angles and curves that seem to end and go no where.. A building way ahead of its time and one that is very impressive..

Brickell Skyscrapers 

We at Avant-Garde Home Furnishings, LLC, feel very lucky to live and work in a city that is really a showplace for a style we very much love and work for its promotion for we are passionate about how we feel about this style in design and with a city like Miami backing us we see a very bright future for what I believe to be the most versitle dynamic style in design to ever come out... One thing is certain this will be a hard style to dislodge as it has so many variables and characteristics and we look forward to providing you with products that are ever changing, dynamic, new, and unique, much like the City of Miami whose downtown has grown up into one of the best showplaces of this style in the world..

Stay tuned for new and exciting product offerings from Avant-Garde Home Furnishings, LLC, Everything for your modern & contemporary home...

Performing Arts Center Miami Beach

Please see above in a gadget posting done right before this one for a slide show for the many modern, contemporary sites of Greater Miami that make this such a great city to be in for Avant-Garde Home Furnishings, LLC..

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